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Updated on March 19, 2017

Chapter 5

I still can not see her very well. He's called me softly. Maverick ... Maverick ...

Maverick! -Gray my mother. I've been calling you for half an hour. Get up since it's six fifteen and we have to catch the plane at eleven. What time did you come last night?
At one and a half-it happens to me that saying that hour will not be angry.
Well, no wonder you're so tired. Get up, "she says, taking the sheets off my bed.

I do not know what he would have told me if I told him that I arrived at a quarter to four. I have slept in total two and a half hours. I'm more dead than alive, but still I help load the last boxes. I can sleep in the car and then on the plane.

At last we loaded all the boxes. We said goodbye to the men of the move, our house and our people. My parents have been talking to a couple to sell their house. If everything goes well, in less than a week we will have the money.

I get in the car and sleep. I do not dream about anything because basically I do not have time. In half an hour my father calls to tell me that we have arrived. It's nine o'clock. We'll have to wait a bit to get on the plane. Meanwhile, I will take advantage to eat something since I have not had breakfast.

Under the car, I pick up my suitcase and start walking. I have no idea how they will take the car to New York. I guess my parents will have hired a company. The move will have been expensive, although I do not know if my father will pay the company.

We arrived at a fast food chain and I order a small hamburger. It's only nine-thirty, but I can not go hungry anymore. When I finish "breakfast" it's a quarter to ten. My parents and I decided to move faster because we have to present our passport and board. Let's just a fair bit of time.

The girl at the counter is young and pretty. It has a collection that looks like a hairdresser; I wonder if she did it.

I fly six hundred and sixteen; Row twelve; Seats thirty, thirty-one and thirty-two, "he confirms in a soft voice. They will have to board in half an hour.
Thank you very much, "my mother says.
Have a good trip, "he says falsely, with a smile on his face.
Thank you, "I say. I try to be nice but I get a stiff voice.

In that half an hour we strolled through the stores of the embarkation area, until the megaphone calls the passengers of the flight six hundred twenty-seven to go to the plane. We look for door number fifteen and it takes us two minutes to find it. We're already in the queue to get on the plane, and when I realize it, I'm already in my seat. I sleep.

I have not dreamed anything during the four hours of flight. I slept soundly. I needed it considering I had slept two and a half hours that night. I remember Lena and feel a pang in the chest.

Maverick, take the suitcase, "my mother says.

Neither accept nor deny, I simply do; Although it weighs a lot. We're at the airport in New York. It's huge, miles, almost bigger than Galena. We are lucky with our bags and we see them appear right away. Everything is coming out perfect, but it seems that my illusion has disappeared, now I am sad. We only have to leave the airport and get the taxi we had booked.

At last we find the exit of the airport John F. Kennedy and our taxi driver. He's a plump man with a mustache and a beret.

Fifth Avenue? The taxi driver asks.
Yes, my father answered.

My parents have rented a beautiful apartment on Fifth Avenue that takes about eight minutes by car from their work in Manhattan. It has one hundred and thirty square meters. We do not need more space. I have only seen it in photos, but the furniture is made of wood, the floor is of parquet and the decoration is white.

All the way I can only think of the girl of my dreams. I do not know who he is. I have never seen her. I do not know why I dream about her. But then I focus on other more important things, such as how my new institute will be. I'm not yet aware that I'm in New York, or that I'll be here forever. New York, New York ...

Finally we arrived. The taxi leaves us at gate number twenty-seven. There is a woman who seems to be waiting for us. She is dressed in a top hat and a mink coat, but she is not older. We take our bags and head towards it.

Are you Mr. and Mrs. Thompson? -The woman asks, although it is obvious that they are, since a taxi has left them in front of her with all the suitcases.
Yes, says my father.
Good afternoon! I'm Stephanie Hollows. Here I leave the keys to the floor. I hope you enjoy it a lot - I really do not want it, it does not say it just to please us. I see her as a sincere woman. You know you do not have to hesitate to tell me anything.
Everything is perfect, "my father says. Thank you very much Miss Hollows.
You're welcome.

And he went north. It was a bit weird, but I liked it a lot.

She was a very old woman in spite of her youth. It has given me a very good impression.

When we go to the gate we find a porter who offers to help us with our bags. A doorman in our building. I feel like in a luxury hotel. We climbed the stairs and finally arrived at our apartment. The number twelve.

We opened the door and both I and my parents were astonished. It is much more precious than in photos. I would love to live here. Everything is perfectly furnished and exquisitely decorated, minus the rooms, which we will have to decorate with our antique furniture. I do not know how long it will take for the moving service to arrive with the furniture. Meanwhile, I will have to sleep on the sofa, although it is quite comfortable.

What I like most about the house is the kitchen, with a kilometer-long marble countertop; A huge dishwasher; And an island, which is a work table with a sink separated from the counter. The owner left us the mixer. It's an ice blue Kitchen Aid, and it's expensive. These small details make the difference.

We started to settle in, and the first thing I do is start putting my clothes in a closet in my new room, although I will replace it when my old closet comes. I feel inspired and eager to work, so I decide to order clothes from lighter to darker shades. The most abundant are grays and whites. I also put on my shoes. Luckily the closet is large, but I could not fit almost anything.

My old room was pastel blue with wooden furniture that stuck to the floor. But this one is white and I'm going to leave it like this. I like the changes and I love the combination of wood and white. In addition, the floor is parquet. When I finish putting clothes on, I have nothing else to do because the rest of my stuff is in the moving truck. I really want to put everything in my room. My bookcase full of books, movies on Bluray and Funko Pops from Harry Potter is going to look great in my new room.

I still do nothing, so my mother orders me to do the "meal", although it is five in the afternoon. I use the frying pan and some eggs my father had bought at the supermarket next door to make an omelette. I had never cooked, and the truth is that I love it. In less than ten minutes, I have the omelet made and the table prepared. We ate the omelet in less than fifteen minutes without saying a word. Only my father says the tortilla was very good. Apart from the hunger we have, my parents had to eat fast to continue with the move.

When I finish I put things in the dishwasher and I remember that I cast the movie "Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone" in my suitcase. Beside the TV, I see a Bluray player, also courtesy of Mrs. Hollows. I prepare the movie, I lie on the couch and throw a blanket over me. The dream is taking over me, I do not think it lasts until more than half of the movie awake. But I feel very fortunate to be able to be like this.

The happiness I had when my parents gave me the news that we were moving back to me. I am in a great apartment located in the center of New York. All I have left is to go to school and make friends. Even if it's just one. But I want that person to always be there to support me; Let us be soul mates; Be understanding; That is like Lena, although that is impossible. What I want to say is that I would not want to join a very large group of people, because they would not like everyone, they would not understand me, and there would be fights. Now I have to take advantage. I'm in a new place with new people. I do not know the groups of people that exist in my new institute. I just have to let my heart go. Now I do not care what they think of me. Now I am. Everything is going to be all right now.


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