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Updated on March 19, 2017


We have all the weekend to assemble the furniture we had dismantled and decorate our rooms. I dress, I drink an orange juice and I get to work.

Maverick, "my mother says. Here I leave all your boxes so you do not have to go scouring.
Thanks Mom.

I take all the boxes to my room and I start. The first thing I do is set up my closet. It takes me an hour to set it up, place it, and get rid of the other Mrs. Hollows left. We have a fairly large community store on the ground floor minus one. My parents and I decided to bring the furniture we would not use to the store.

After the closet, I set up the bed structure. It is six feet wide. Suddenly I see my mother appear with my mattress.

This is the last thing left. It's all over, "she says tiredly.

I put the mattress on the bed frame and I put the sheets and the white Nordic on top. To make the bed more beautiful, I put two large beige cushions, which stick with the wooden color of the furniture. I put my bookshelf and put all my books, my movies and my Funko Pops of Harry Potter; In addition to the chargers of my mobile and my computer in two glass jars; Of my notebooks and school supplies; And the rest of bullshit. My room has no drawers. Only a large shelf of sixteen hollow squares. The shelf has four rows with four squares each. I put my books in the first two rows. Three squares remain, but I reserve them for future acquisitions. In the third row, I have my movies on Bluray. And in the fourth, I have my school supplies, boots and bullshit.

In this way, I think the room is more orderly, since I do not accumulate so many things in the drawers and I force myself to order the shelf constantly to get rid of things I do not use and take advantage of space.

When I finished with the shelf, I placed a white carpet in the center of the room and began to take the photos I had to hang them on the walls. Around I put some white ball-shaped lights. The room is getting beautiful. All you have to do is set up the desk and put on my white chair. It takes me half an hour.

I put my black and white Gray Anatomy poster and go out the door to re-enter and see the perspective. Everything is already set and decorated. You already have my essence. The truth is that I have done a great job. I like it a lot more than my old room. Now it is more youthful thanks to the white color of the walls and to the new distribution of the furniture. Now I will enjoy more time spent in it. The only thing missing is a television. It does not have to be very large, but I would love to see my favorite movies in my room. In my bed. But for that I need a Bluray too. I'll have to start saving.

My parents have also finished decorating their room. They have decided, like me, to give it a different approach than the previous one. Its walls are also white. They have placed their bed in the middle of the room and stuck to the wall, with a bedside table on either side of the bed. My mother's dresser is right in front of the bed and they have the closet on the left side and the coat rack on the right side. Before, they had the bed to the right with a single bedside table on the left side. The closet was in front of the bed and next to the coat rack. However, the dressing table was on the left side. I like it much more as they have organized it now.

I ask my mother how I can help and she tells me to put all the cutlery in the drawer under the glass. I have to open the box and order them, since they are the forks mixed with the spoons at the same time as with the knives and other tools of kitchen that I do not know nor for what they serve. My father loves to cook. Placing the cutlery in that big drawer is the last thing related to the house I make. Everything is ready. We've hit a good beating, but it was worth it. The house has such a familiar atmosphere that it seems that we have always lived in it. My parents have started at seven in the morning to put things and decorate their room. I, at eleven thirty. It's quarter past six. What remains of Saturday I will spend in my new room reading "Eleanor & Park". That book is beautiful. On Sunday, my parents told me that we're going to take a tour of Manhattan. And on Monday, my new life begins. The institute begins.

By the time my mother calls for dinner, I have twenty pages of "Eleanor & Park", and before I go to take the pizza I finish them. When I arrive, my mother is hysterical about calling me, but I could not leave the end of the book for after dinner. Because she does not read, she can not understand me. He does not realize that reading is one of the best pleasures of life.

I eat the whole pizza and although I'm hungry, I go straight to bed.

It has been a most exhausting day, and I have not even gotten out of bed. I'm really looking forward to it on Monday. I hope the teachers introduce me and I feel next to the person who is going to be my soul mate. Otherwise, it will be my turn to make friends on my own, although I hope that someone will be able to approach me so as not to leave me alone among the whole crowd. But before all that, it's tomorrow, it will be a great day. I've never been to Manhattan, and I'm dying to do it. I'll buy myself a huge bagel with American-style coffee. While I make plans in my head I fall asleep.

I dreamed about that girl again. He saw her in a car, pulling her head out the window with a grin. I still do not understand anything. I recently saw in a bookstore a book that talked about dreams. As it continues, I will have to buy it.

- Maverick, come on! Get dressed, "my mother shouted.
- I go.

I decide to wear my black skinny pants with a black Nike sweatshirt as well. Lately, that combination has been taken a lot.

No breakfast because I'm still infatuated with a bagel and American coffee. We left and it took ten minutes to get to the center of Manhattan. It impresses a lot. All the luminous screens, the skyscrapers, the human traffic on the sidewalks, the yellow taxis, the fast food stands that appear every five meters. Amazing.

"Shut your mouth or flies come in," my grandfather said. He hit my father and now he says it.
"I just ... I've never seen anything like it before, Dad.
"Of course not, it's New York, you can not compare it to Galena.

I wonder if there will be some quiet place in the big city.

I see a Starbucks, but the queue is long. Next door is a stall selling coffee and bagels. So, I decide to go there.

"Good evening," a man exclaims.
- Hello, I want a bagel and a coffee - I ask in a timid voice.
- Marching.

It takes about five minutes to prepare it.

- Here you go, boy.
- How much is it?
Three dollars.
- Alone? He asked in surprise.
- Yes. Here the traditional people charge what has to be charged. We do not charge five dollars for coffee, as my fellow Starbucks do here. It is excessive. Sometimes I can not understand how people can put up with so many hours of queuing for a five-dollar coffee. I have tried them, and I sincerely like them more. But thanks to them, I will have to close my business.

His speech makes me feel very sorry for him. So I get seven dollars.

- Here you go. Five dollars for coffee and two for the bagel.
- Not a boy! Do not bother yourself.
- It's not a bother. Accept them.

He finally decided to save them.

"Thank you very much, boy," he said in a tone of sincerity.

When I took a bite of the bagel and sipped the coffee, I cried for how good it was. I had nothing to envy to Starbucks, in fact, it was much better. I will never go back to a Starbucks. Because of me, nobody is going to be without work. And less that man.

My parents and I had a fantastic day. We ate at a vegetarian restaurant. I ordered a lasagne with vegetables and my parents some avocados stuffed with rice. Everything was delicious.

We also went to Central Park. We sat on the lawn and watched the people running or walking with their partners, friends or family. Peace was breathed in the environment. We were in Central Park until six and returned home. We had to prepare things for tomorrow. My father in uniform and his work tools and I my things for high school. I threw in my backpack the notebooks of all the subjects because I did not know what I would have tomorrow. I'm meeting the director first, Mrs. Willow. He will give me a tour of the institute, give me the schedule and introduce me to my new class. I hope you like them.

The alarm sounds from my iPhone and makes me want to crash the phone to the ground. But I decide to get up energetically because I do not want to arrive with the face of dead to my first day. I already had my clothes and my backpack ready. All I had to do was get dressed, take my orange juice, brush my teeth and comb my hair. It takes me just under twenty minutes.

To go to my new institute I have to take the bus. The bus stop takes me five minutes on foot and the bus takes twenty minutes to reach the institute. I have to be at the stop at seven-thirty.

I see the huge yellow bus. It's twice as big as Galena's. When I go up I notice that there are many free places and I have the privilege of being able to sit alone. Although two stops ahead sits a child of about thirteen years at my side. He says nothing and I do not either.

We have already arrived at the institute. When I get down everyone starts to look at me with a face whose expression I do not know. I've never been the new. I decide to go and it takes me ten minutes to find Mrs. Willow's office. I knock on the door and say:

- It can?

"Go ahead." When she looks at me, her expression changes completely. Mr. Thompson! I almost forgot his arrival. Excuse me.
- No problem - I feel more timid than ever.
"Well, I'm Mrs. Willows as you know." Whatever problem you have, do not hesitate to tell me - it's a not-so-old woman with rectangular glasses, a black American, and a dark brunette. Before I teach the institute I would like to ask you a few questions.
- Voucher.
- What would you like to study? -Noto that shows a great interest.
- Medicine. I would like to be a surgeon.
- Excellent. Then you will go to the bachelors of health sciences. Did he get good grades at his other school?
- Yeah. I'm good at studying.
- Perfect. Well I see in the report that you are not allergic to any food or medication. I'm wrong?
- No. It's all right.
- Okay ... - I see that it points something in his scrapbook. Then come with me that I will teach you the institute and it is very big. I want it to arrive just in time to biology. If you want to be a surgeon you will have to be very attentive to Miss Cabell's explanations.

I seat and get up to start the tour. I guess as we are inside, it will start with the classrooms.

- There are nine aisles. His hallway will be number eight and his box office is number one hundred seventy-three - he says at the same time that he walks. His classroom is number twenty-one, but he needs to move to seventeenth-grade class when he has chemistry. Room seventeen is the laboratory. I would teach him a classroom but we can not interrupt our classes. In twenty minutes you can see it. They're all the same. There are twelve students in his class. Now I'm going to show you the dining room.

Keep walking at a fast pace. We arrived at a big red door and passed. It's the biggest dining room I've ever seen. Reminds me of High School Musical. It has two floors and a large number of tables of eight places each.

"This is the dining room," said a woman with a grid in her hair. And this is Kirby, the best cook in high school. She will prepare the food for you every day and when you taste it, you will know why I am telling you this. Let's keep going.

From the dining room we went out through a white door to the outside. We were on a lawn.

- This is where students relax and study. It seems that this place increases concentration, although I will never understand it.

I do understand. As soon as I stepped on the natural lawn, I noticed how the relaxation penetrated my veins. But it only lasted for a minute, as Mrs. Willow kept walking. We got to the rugby track. Next was the basketball and if you kept walking, you found the football.

"The football, rugby and basketball courts are outside, but we have a pavilion with a badminton court and a volleyball court," Mrs. Willow said.
- A badminton court? I asked surprised.

Badminton is one of my favorite sports. The racket sports themselves are my favorites. My old school did not have a badminton court, but I remember that once we played with a tape instead of a net and I beat Reuben. My old school also had no rugby or volleyball court. Only football and basketball.

- Yes. The track is inside because the steering wheel flies very easily. Also, it is not a sport with a lot of hobby, only a few students are targeted. It is the same with volleyball. That's why the two tracks are inside.

From the pavilion we passed again inside the institute. We go downstairs and smell of chlorine. The floor is different, like gray tiles. Mrs. Willow opens a door with two circular, fogged windows and my eyes see a huge heated pool. Awesome.

- In the second trimester the students give swimming in physical education. We saw it necessary because the swimming is very good for the back and it relaxes enough to the students.

I also like swimming a lot. As Mrs. Willow says, it relaxes me.

We went out the door that we entered and climbed the stairs. It's five minutes before the second class starts.

- I would teach you many more rooms like the visual arts studio or the music room. But apart from not belonging to their high school, they are teaching. If you want you can ask someone to teach them at a recess. We are coming to your class. Are you ready to meet your new partners?
- I hope so - I'm really scared to death.

Then go ahead. He knocks twice and passes. I'm going after.

- Hello everyone.
"Good morning Mrs. Willow," the whole class replied.
- A new partner has arrived today. His name is Maverick Thompson. I hope you will help in everything you can to make this change more enjoyable. I do not want to hear any complaints.
"Yes, Mrs. Willow." They look like parrots, as if they know it by heart, and recite it without knowing what it means.
"Well, Mr. Thompson, I'll leave you here." Have a good day, "Mrs. Willow wants me.
"Also, Mrs. Willow."

I take a quick look to locate an empty site.

"Mr. Thompson, you can sit next to Tessa in the third row. By the way, I am Mrs. Cabell and I teach biology.
- Thank you very much, Mrs Cabell.

They are seated two by two. As I go by I look at the faces, but they do not even look at me. As if it did not exist. As if it were not something new for them to receive a new student in the middle of the course. I sit next to Tessa and she does not even say hello to me. Keep looking at the blackboard to attend to Mrs. Cabell's explanation. All he does is pull his pen away from my desk. I've never seen anything like it before.

The class becomes endless. I miss Lena. I miss our conversations. No one here speaks to me, they look like statues. I wonder if it's because they're in class. I hope so, because I do not think I can stand this long without talking to someone.

The buzzer rings and everyone goes off. I keep picking up and nobody stays with me. I am alone. At least, nobody messes with me.

I turn to the place Mrs. Willow had taught me. The lawn where all the students relax. It reminds me of the field of daisies. It reminds me of Lena. I sit on the lawn and get my sandwich and a book. Since nobody talks to me, I have to do something. Everyone who passed by me was passing from me. It seems incredible to me that they are able to marginalize the new, I do not understand. If I had this situation with another person, I would talk to him or her. He would make me his friend. If I like you, of course. But not here. Here they directly pass from you. As if you did not exist. We knew that New Yorkers were like this.

Now I have chemistry, then history and finally physics. The three hours are made for twenty. The only positive thing that comes with this situation is that I am attentive in class and I know everything. Which was not happening in Galena. But I'd rather not know about things and be able to talk even if it's ten minutes with someone. He's going to give me something.

It ends physically and plays to eat. I will have to sit alone. I will read while I eat. I'm worried that someone will come by and mess with me. There are burgers to eat. It takes me ten minutes to go through my tray, get the hamburger and sit alone. Isolated from society. When I bite the hamburger, I cry with happiness. It's the best thing that has happened to me all day. No one messes with me. All they do is pass by. Like a ghost. At least my book manages to entertain me.

As soon as I finish eating, I get on the bus. I still have fifteen minutes to go, but I prefer to be inside the bus, than in the dining room watching everyone laugh and talk less me. Finally it starts. I decide to sleep and set the alarm for fifteen minutes. When I wake up, it's five minutes to reach the stop.

When I go down, I run to the floor. I arrive, slam the door and go into my room. I lock with a latch so my parents can not pass.

- Maverick, what's wrong? My mother asks from the other side of the door.
- Nothing, leave me.

From my bed I hear my father whisper to my mother:

- It's your first day. It's normal that he did not do well. It will only take a while to get used to.

Thank goodness my father calms my mother. Thanks to that they stop talking to me and I throw the rest of the afternoon in my room. Sleeping and reading. I hope my father is right. I just wish I had to get used to it.


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