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Confused State

Updated on March 29, 2015










Constant roller coaster.


The distance you cover while sacrificing your time
Like writing a song, a poem,or a rhyme
Giving out your being,constant taxing of your emotion
Getting nothing quickly,sink deeper in your ocean
Lambasted with insults,name calling and obscenity
Everlasting anger,seems pointless,like eternity
Causal effect,to violence maybe just a little
Looking at it later,seems futile and fickle.
Goes on endlessly,raging over the years
Former friends at war,not all as it appears
Is there an end,surely finishes at a point
Taking the higher ground,yours to anoint
Grafting an end,a fix,or a solution
Not ending up on an emotional revolution.
Feel cornered like a mouse,pains in your chest
You worry about your self,not thinking about the rest
You worry if the end, result is someone dying
Head over thought,reason over doubt
Locked in a battle,prove your belief is devout
If only life were easy,if the sky was blue
All ifs and buts,nothing really new.
Confusion sets in,emotions set adrift
Leads to the inevitable family rift.
If solutions were prevalent,all seeing and clear
You would go through life without irrational fear.
Endings are inconclusive,uncertainty is a chance
Pass of,hide your feelings,go around in a trance.
Life is a mystery,taken like a pinch of salt
Callous and forceful,till you crack the vault.
Feels like there's no end,feels like a long road
If you don't live your years,your story won't be told.
However tragic,or how funny it may seem
Not always downs,on life's long stream
You make it,or break it,you fly or you fall
All these actions dictate If destiny should call
Leave you in good stead,on a good road to fate
Determination and guts will open a happier gate.
You play the hand that your life has dealt
Who ever you meet,determines what is felt.
Settle for mediocre,or aim for a higher intention
The way you treat people causes life's real tension.


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