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Criteria for a Hero

Updated on November 10, 2015

Terrorist threats


Martin Luther king, Reverend Jesse Jackson
Men who fought for change,men of action.
Malcolm X,are a few more i could mention
Most of the time, they were men of invention.
Righting humanitarian wrongs,arguing for equal rights
Controversial subject quite often caused fights.
Malcolm X once said, a man who stands for nothing will fall for anything,
Quite prophetic I think,well worth mentioning.
Another man springs to my mind
Chief warrant officer William White
Because of his fight against terror
Our future might be a better sight.
Canadian soldier Nathan Cirillo made the ultimate sacrifice
Only proper justice for his family will ever suffice
Every other soldier in the terror battle,who gave up their lives
Too many to mention individually,all those precious lives.
It's heart breaking,appalling,it makes no sense
Terrorists use kids as shields,a shocking defence.
These terrorists are deluded,spiteful and cold
They think their cause is brave,it's stupid not bold.
Killing their countrymen,kids,using them like a wall
If there's any justice ,each one of them will fall.
Sent them to prison,is the death penalty too good
Take a life, you give yours,curb this evil brood.
Never a day passes,a story on the news
Then they get tv time,express their twisted views.
I would not give them media coverage,tv or any other
No more sons will be taken from their loving mother.
Will this curse ever be over,will we ever live with no fear
I hope I see it in my lifetime,I hope it is near.

Throughout time.

every generation a hero is born I think,they take up a good cause,try to right some wrongs,some injustices.they become heroes to some,hated by others.human beings are all too often afraid to express an opinion,maybe if more of us stood up to this horror,it might be overwhelmed.

A true hero.

Another great man.

Muhammad Ali is in my opinion a hero.he firmly stood up for what he believed to be right,a lot of the time at great personal cost to himself and his family.

This Canadian hero made the ultimate sacrifice.

Ultimate Hero

Canadian Soldier dies a hero.

This man warrants another mention,he loved his country and his family,he was a true patriot.his patriotism was shown in selflessness when he was gunned down by the parasites that blight most communities around the world now. He never hesitated to put his life in the defence of his country and its people.this man will be remembered fondly and lovingly by every Canadian citizen for years to come,and rightfully so.he is a true hero.

Put in that position.

What would each of us do if out in a similar situation? I cannot say for sure.i think my anger I can muster up may play a significant part in the decision I make.i think there would be inevitable apprehension at the possible inevitability of what would be in front of you. I would like to think I could use even a small amount of bravery that would aid me in the direction I chose.

Chief Warrant Officer William White.

What's Right?what's Wrong?

What punishment is appropriate for terror offences.

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    • whonunuwho profile image

      whonunuwho 3 years ago from United States

      A nice tribute and honorable work. So much we can all learn from these heroes. whonu