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CROP CIRCLES AT Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Updated on February 2, 2013
CROP CIRCLES AT Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
CROP CIRCLES AT Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

by Christine B.

There have been over 10,000 crop circles reported throughout the world. It is estimated that 80% of them were man-made hoaxes, but 20% have been proven not to be man-made. How were these circles created?

On a farm outside of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada two farmers awoke to a strange sight in the middle of their barley grain field.

When examined they could find no path into or out of the designs. The grain inside the circle formations had been flattened in a petal pattern where the heads turned back in toward the center.

A volunteer group that studies reports of crop circle phenomena in Canada, The Canadian Crop Circle Research Network, came to the site to investigate. One of their researchers, Judy Arndt reported that the ground looked like it had been electrocuted by a huge force of some type.

There were seven separate circle formations at the Edmonton site. Judy Arndt documented the information she gather from all of them and sent in crop samples to a lab in Cambridge, Massachusetts to be analyzed. The lab reported that the information sent to them was genuine and not created by a hoax. They found node elongation, expulsion cavities at the notes, and germination abnormalities present in the grain samples. The crops had been altered in ways that would not be possible if the circles had been created by a plank and a rope, which is how most hoaxes are perpetrated.

Soil samples from inside and outside the circles were sent to Dr. Iyengar in California, who specializes in materials analysis. The doctor reported that he used a x-ray powder diffraction process to analyze the samples. The results found a dramatic difference between the samples taken from inside the circles from the samples taken a distance away from them. Inside the circles the soil had been changed by an undetermined energy that would be the same as would have occurred over a geologic time period of several millions of years! Dr. Iyengar surmises that the change occurred by the use of a magnetic force or some sort of cosmic energy that man has not yet discovered.

The farmers reported seeing strange lights in the night sky that were hovering over their property a few days before the circles where discovered. Another witness told Judy Arndt that she and her husband had also witnessed unexplained lights moving over the area. They stopped their car and took a few photographs of what they saw and sent them to Judy.

Eventually we will know what is creating the percentage of crop circles that defy explanation, but not yet. The mystery remains to be solved.


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