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Can Someone Help Me Lasso Time ?

Updated on October 5, 2010

I never seem to catch up

One day leads to another and what was left unfinished has popped like a balloon in my face

I feel like I could tell those hamsters to move over this is my treadmill

Because we are people we have endless things to do

We have new responsibilities daily

I feel like I am gaining but then suddenly my car runs out of gas

I see the cars pass me and I just wave as they go by

It will be hours before I am on the road again

I can't catch up on lost time but if someone could just stop it it for a bit

I can see where I am at

I know I would be so happy to for once have a firm grip on life

To see not what I have to do

But to feel free to do what I want to do

To have some me time

Like a weeks vacation where everything else stayed the same

I would be the only one that could travel and come and go as I please

To disappear and come back later and continue where life left off

Life is so special I want to enjoy all its treasures before they are found


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    • DREAM ON profile imageAUTHOR

      DREAM ON 

      8 years ago

      Dim Flaxenwick You make friendship with a capital F.You realize in this great world of ours few would agree getting an F is good or better yet great.I have to go against the grain once again and say I will take an F any day as long it means having friends like you.Thanks from the bottom of my heart.Eppigramman The love that you sent me was magnified many times over and sent back to you with great appreciation for your visit and wisdom.I am smiling with joy.Nellieanna You have me with a lump in my throat.I think I might of swollowed a frog in my sleep.(haha)When I am faced with my toughest challanges I reach for help from all those who are giving and caring.I welcome into my home and my life with peace and simple understanding.I am learning so much.I am overwhelmed by the help I get from your carefully trained eyes.I am blessed.I will try to listen and learn once again.It takes time for my stubburn ways to end.Thanks to everyone who has given me food for thought.I can go to sleep on a full belly now.

    • Nellieanna profile image

      Nellieanna Hay 

      8 years ago from TEXAS

      Dream On! Your answer is right there in your poem!! 'Life is so special I want to enjoy all its treasures before they are found.' (or lost, I have to add!)

      If not NOW, when? Our first responsibility is to LIVE it, whatever else we are doing. We needn't stop time or other responsibilities, we simply step fully into them and enjoy them when they're in progress and excuse ourselves from them when we need "me time" to restore and revive. It's like sleep. It has to be taken "off" for, no matter what the other obligations. Self-restoration is no less vital and essential. We lose our effectivity for the things we "have to" do when we deny our souls their nutrients and support. Just do it, love. You won't be cheating time, you'll be enhancing it.

    • epigramman profile image


      8 years ago

      ...time is important to all of us in different ways and with different meanings - sometimes we need 26 hours in a day and sometimes 24 hours in a bad day is too much!

      ....quality time is important too and I would imagine a matter of choice which is the reason I'm here right now and writing to you .....Little Miss Tiffy and Mister Gabriel are enjoying the heat once again blowing from my gas furnace in regards to the idea of living by Lake Erie in the fall - they also send their feline love to you and yours ......

    • Dim Flaxenwick profile image

      Dim Flaxenwick 

      8 years ago from Great Britain

      Sounds like your life is too busy, Dream On. Can you manage a day off , at least? We can´t have you getting sick . We´d miss your hubs too much


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