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The End

Updated on April 7, 2017

What kind of end are we afraid of

Is it the destruction of our own world?

Or the times when life gets rough

The times when you have nothing more to hold

Isn’t it a result of people’s greed?

Destruction of nature is our responsibility

To forcibly obtain from nature what we need

Without replacing what we obtained unpleasantly

Due to this behavior time will come

Where scarcity sure will rise

This is the result of the greediness of some

The only thing that survives are the wise

Why can’t we act with unity?

To help one another rise from poverty

Attack the problem directly

And rose above the problem quickly

Why do we need to drag others down?

Why don’t we move in the same direction?

A place where everyone is equal and there’s no crown

A place suitable for everyone’s salvation

If greediness will rule over

The end will surely come rapidly

Many will live life fighting each other

No one will leave peacefully

If only this end could be prevented

If only all lives could be spared

If only no one forcibly take what they wanted

And each lives’ won’t be compared

A savior in the world we dwell right now is needed

Understanding between each person is the key

If everyone marches to a common goal as a savior said

Everyone will be given the chance to live joyfully

In order to survive we should care for each other

Not just for our fellowmen but for nature too

Chances of surviving will increase if we work together

It will save a lot of people including you

Now that we know how to avoid our destruction

Let’s work with each other to overcome the disaster

Let’s start to work to protect our nation

Let’s unite altogether and climb up higher


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    • Missing Wanderer profile image

      Arjay 9 months ago from Philippines

      Thank you for your opinion. Yes it's really sad that people will only realize the results of what we've done when it is already too late. But we can still change. If we can just set aside our selfish desires and start to lend a hand to each person in need. Maybe the change a lot of people are hoping for will occur.

    • wangxizng851 profile image

      Wang Xiang 9 months ago from Pakistan

      well done Arjay..

      very appealing post it really describes the misery of today's world.

      in whole world all are facing all such circumstances which u have mentioned. well said we have to come out from all those circumstances and we have to promote equality because everyone have the right to live his life at fullest.