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Can You Ever Go Back? - Another Chapter to add to Story Without an End by Jodah.

Updated on June 15, 2020

A new chapter

Another short fictional add on, to continue Jodah's "Story Without an End." I have written another scenario to the saga to add to the story that John Hanson started..... Here it is John! (a.k.a. as Jodah).

The begining

Jodah (John) began this story where Rick had phoned Susan and talked her ear off not leaving her a chance to get a word in. He told her that he had not gotten in touch with her for a few years because he had been receiving help from someone at AA. He told her that he had kicked the drinking habit and now he wanted to get back with her the way that it was before, except that he is no longer drinking.

Can you ever go back?

Rick dropped Susan and her daughter off at their home

He said he had some unfinished business to do

And would call her when he was through

To see if they were starting anew

But Susan was torn

After the storm

Philip is the one who came to their rescue

While Rick only look dazed, for an hour or two


Do you miss him too?

How did he know she would be at that café?

Had he followed her there

Did Philip really care?

Or was he being unfair?

When will we see daddy?

Courtney's little girl voice cut through her thoughts

I don't know Susan answered

Why Mommy, what did we do?

Why are you crying?

Do you miss him too?

Yes, sweetheart I do

But you father wants to get back together with me and you

Courtney's voice began to quiver

But, daddy loves me

And that father don't like me

I don't think he likes you

It is late sweetheart Susan said

We will talk about this tomorrow

As she planted a kiss on top of Courtney's head,

And tucked her into bed

Who would win and who would lose

Was she hoping Rick had changed?

And thinking she would take him back

But was she just losing Philip instead?

And when her phone rang, it filled her with dread

Are you alone, we need to talk? Phillip said

Yes, I know Susan replied

But, I was just getting ready for bed

We really do need to talk! Again Philip said

Reluctantly, Susan agreed

Phillip drove to Susan's home

Oh so glad except for Courtney

She was alone

Phillip smiled a little sadly

He said I'll get right to the point

I didn't know that was Rick

When I walked into the joint

I was afraid to tell you about Rick

Afraid with him a fight you'd pick

Afraid you would be jealous

And demand I not meet with him

I just thought he should get to know his daughter

And she should get to know him

But he wants us to get back together

To start our life again

I can't believe you followed me, Susan said.

I did not follow you; I went to get a hair cut

Then through a window saw the woman that I planned to wed

Out with another man instead

Sheepishly Susan bowed her head

When she realized how it must have looked to him

Cafés don't have barbers

Or was that your barber you brought in with you

Now it was Philip's turn to have a sheepish grin

I just met her outside

Susan asked, so you wanted to shock your fiancé

That is why you brought her inside?

I sort of knew her from high school

But she was dating the captain of the football team

Then you came along and that ended that dream.

Soon Susan and Philip were locked in a warm embrace

And she knew Rick could never take Phillip's place

Drawing by Shyron Shenko

Pencil and crayon drawing of a friend
Pencil and crayon drawing of a friend | Source

I thought you were gone!

Two towns away

Rick walked in the door

Of the home where he had been living

From three years before

Jackie asked Rick, where have you been?

For three years we've not been apart

And when I needed you the most

You are breaking my heart

I thought you wanted me to leave

That is what you have been telling me

I want you to get a job and stop drinking

That is all I have been thinking

When I came home from the doctor

I found I was alone

And I thought you had left me

I thought you were gone

He lifted her chin to look into her eyes

Which from crying were swollen half shut?

And he felt as if he had been punched in the gut

He whispered I am sorry; I will do what I must

Just tell me what is wrong............

Jackie's story to be written... part fact and part fiction.

Story Without an End

Jodah's Story

No Love At All!

© 2014 Shyron E Shenko


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