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Can a Heart Break in Two?

Updated on January 17, 2014

With lurking pain and sorrow,

Trapped in a gloomy morrow

What can you actually do?

Can a heart really break in two?

Once, It all seemed fantasy,

Such dread do exist in reality

How could a child have seen?

Only beauty can her heart feel.

Then what, when, how and why;

Questions of a shattered heart.

The smile which once is her art

Changed the sea to falls, a cry.

Yet, such wonder she must have,

She carries the load around.

Waking at the sight of the sun,

Seeking joy though woes abound

But what you see are all lies!

The pain is marked in her eyes.

Tell her, do you even see,

Such deceit gracing in her lips?

Surrounded with pain and sorrow,

Trapped in a sunless morrow

I wonder how long can she keep up?

Will her heart break apart?

Are you happy today?

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