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Are the children really secure?

Updated on February 16, 2020

The reason behind it

This is a concern voiced by all average boy and girl from a middle class family in India. It is very obvious that their parents are not stinking and cannot afford to go out of their way to support their children under all circumstances. Time and again the Pareto Principle hits the so called upper middle class and middle class people in India. The rule of that daunting eighty percent of the people working for twenty percent hits them every day. The children are taught from their childhood that money is not everything and one should not leave the path of virtue. But when some incidents take place which defy the values put down by the society then questions do raise. Questions like is money power every thing? A similar incident shook India recently when a very famous actor was supported and a whole fraternity went out of their way to support him.

A brief Introduction

I am Sushil and I desperately need your help. My parents Raghavan and Sheetal Raman are law respecting and god fearing middle class people. They have been teaching me the importance of being a law respecting citizen and I have always followed them. My father is a senior delivery manager in an IT company and my mother a home maker. We live in a three bedroom flat in the outskirts of Chennai and my father owns a car.I go to a private English medium school. Till now I used to think that I am blessed to have such wonderful parents and I have all the facilities that I need to lead a wonderful life.I was very proud of my father and wanted to be someone like him. He has been my hero till now and always wanted to emulate him. All his life he has been a law respecting citizen. I have seen him not breaching traffic rules even at the wee hours of night when the roads are empty. My mother has taught me to always do good to people as good things happen automatically to people who do good.

The reason to be Scared

But now I am scared. I am scared that I don’t have the right kind of parents. Why? Because they are not rich. In India only the rich are respected. If you are poor or a middle class then you will only be expected to fulfill your duties towards the society you live in. You cannot expect anything in return from the society. Not even the basic rights of living a safe life. I know that I will not be involved in any hit and run case as it is very unusual for me, almost impossible for me to go to a bar and have fun with my friends and then drive back home. As my parents will be the first ones to hand me over to the police for doing that. But there is no guarantee that I will not be a victim of the hit-and-run case. If that happens then what? My parents are not rich enough to get justice for me, leave alone getting justice in time.

The Reason Continues...

My parents start from the house at around seven in the morning and by the time they come home it is late evening. They save their whole year’s leave and combine it together to plan a holiday of around a week or ten days once a year. So if I meet with an accident tomorrow they will not be able to take leave from office on a regular basis to attend the court on my behalf to get justice for me. They have only certain number of days in a year as payed leave, sic leave, and casual leave. Any leave taken apart from that will result in Loss Of Pay. Which will hurt their monthly budget. No, we don’t have a shoe string budget and we don’t live from pay check to pay check but we are not so rich that LOP will not hurt us. So I am worried about my future. I am worried about going out there on the road where the sons and the daughters of the rich and famous are roaming freely knowing that their wrongs will be covered by the money their parents have. I am not ready to live a life of fear. Even the law respects the people who have money as money brings And my parents are not powerful people. They are the ordinary citizens of India.I need a RICH daddy who has got the money and power to save me and my future


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