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Can you really revisit childhood dreams?

Updated on June 9, 2009

Can childhood dreams be dusted off again once elementary and high school days have faded? Those glorious days, pushed back into the recesses of the mind by adult worries...can we dare try on those long forgotten goals again? Will they still fit and if not is it better to just laugh at their "cuteness" while putting them back on the shelf or can we seriously think about altering them to fit a more adult shape? The goal to dance, sing, be a professional athlete or my goal, to be a writer sits on the shelf. Can we ever revisit the desires of youth and breathe reality into them or is there a true point of no return?

There is something about turning 40 that makes most people take a good hard look at the things they truly felt passionate about as a child, teenager and young adult. To clearly see how far we have come, how far we still need to go and what we need to let go of is the heart-stopping, eye-opener trying to get our full attention. To live without seeing is a shame but to live without acting on the obvious signs thrust in your face is a damn tragedy. Change is frightening but inaction is a form of slow suffocation and to hold in your hands, stacks of work, unseen by any eyes other than your own is a type of living death.

So, once this realization has set in, the temptation to make a "publication plan," while seemingly logical is none the less pointless without first allowing another breathing, living, thinking human being read the words trapped in the soul of a frustrated writer. Pass the words on and gage how they truly connect with an unfamiliar reader. To the "writer-in-mind-only", ALL of their creations are masterpieces but to the virgin reader, who is unaware of any history, soul connection or back-story it could very well be utter crap. Don't be offended! To hear criticism and take it in with the goal of working to strengthen style and word flow is the true prize that comes out of daring to face hurt.

Be daring and release your words to the world small bites at a time...don't want to choke anyone on the intensity of feeling or anything that is less than appetizing due to it being pulled out of the oven too soon! This is my goal and my plan so bit by bit and sentence by sentence I will slowly release my passion to the world for consideration and response. Take another slice if you need...I have plenty to go around.

To write or not to write...
To write or not to write...


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    • Lucey Knight profile image

      Lucey Knight 8 years ago from North Richland Hills, Texas

      Good hub.