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Steve Rogers aka Captain America - Timely & Marvel Comics.

Updated on September 14, 2014
Captain America #1 - Published March 10th 1941
Captain America #1 - Published March 10th 1941 | Source
5 stars for Excellent Feature
Stan Lee  (Stanley Leiber)
Stan Lee (Stanley Leiber) | Source

The Comics...1941 - 1954

It is estimated that over 210 million copies of Captain America comic books have been sold in 75 countries since The Captain America Comic #1 was first published on 10 March 1941, Originally created by Joe Simon & Jack Kirby from Timely Comics, the predecessor of Marvel Comics, he was the first Marvel comics character to be adapted to film with the 1944 movie serial Captain America.

The Captain America Comics #1 dated March 1941 shows him punching Adolf Hitler. It sold almost one million copies and averaged this every month. Then in 1941 Simon & Kirby moved to DC Comics.

In issue #2 and since then he has been drawn with a circular shield and not the triangular shield as per the cover of issue#1. This was in response to a concern by Martin Goodman publisher of Timely Comics, that it too closely resembled the chest symbol of MLJs character The Shield.

Captain America soon became Timely Comics most popular character and in issue #3 it introduced his shield as a throwing weapon, with contributions form Stanley Lieber, better known as Stan Lee.

In the post war era the popularity of Super Heroes began to fade, with Bucky (James Barnes) taking over as Captain America for a while until 1948 when he was shot and wounded (Captain America Story 1948) Betsy Ross, Captain Americas girlfriend, than took over as Golden Girl and the Captain America comics ran until 1949.

There was a failed reviival in 1953 which resulted in the characters title being cancelled with Captain America #78 in Sept 1954.

However, Marvel Comics reintroduced him in The Avengers #4 (March 1964) as a MIA soldier entombed in ice and awakened from his suspended animation.

The Character....

Captain America is the alter ego of Steven Grant "Steve" Rogers, born in 1920s lower east side of Manhattan, New York City. He was born to Irish immigrants Sarah & Joseph Rogers, both of whom had died by the time he became a teenager.

By 1940 he was a scrawny student, specializing as a comic book writer and artist. He had attempted to join the Armed Forces but was rejected due to his physically frail body. he is then put forward as a test subject for the super soldier in project: Rebirth, by General Chester Philips, where he is given a serum.

the serum is a success and Rogers is endowed with strength, stamina, intelligence and ability. He poses as a clumsy infantry private at Camp Lehigh in Virginia where he forms a friendship with James Buchannan "Bucky" Barnes.

Bucky learns of Rogers secret identity as the government superhero designed to combat Red Skull as a counter-intelligence agent, and he becomes Captain Americas sidekick.

As Captain America, Rogers wears a blue costume made from a fire retardant material with a lightweight bulletproof 'duralumin' armor layer beneath. This is emblazoned with an American flag motif. He carries a vibranium-steel alloy sheld which is used for both defense and as a weapon.

As a result of the serum he is in peak physical condition, he is a master of martial arts, agility and a marksman. He also has a custom motorcycle modified in the SHIELD laboratories.

The Avengers
The Avengers | Source

Chris Evans & Scarlett Johansson Interview, The Winter Soldier

Reintroduction in 1964....

The Avengers #4 (March 1964) was the formal reintroduction of Captain America into Marvel Comics, written by Stan Lee & Jack Kirby

This showed the story of his body being recovered from the ice following the crashing of an aircraft years previously, and his awakening form the induced suspended animation.

Rogers was reunited with Nick Fury, an old war comrade, and now undertakes missions for SHIELD. This continues throughout the 1960s and 70's. He fought alongside other superheroes such as Hulk, Iron Man and Thor in the battle for New York against his half brother Loki, as a member of The Avengers.

During the 1980s and 90's Rogers considers a run for the US Presidency, takes on a temporary new partner called Nomad and received back pay reimbursements dating back to the end of World War II, however as a result he is ordered to be employed directly by the US government, he resigns his identity as a result of this but later returns.

In 2000 Rogers works for SHIELD, he discovers that Bucky is not dead. It was thought that he had previously been killed trying to defuse the bomb on board the aircraft that crashed into the ice with Rogers as pilot,

He now learns that Bucky is still alive after having been saved and deployed by the Soviets as the Winter Soldier.

The Winter Soldier...

Red Skull...

Red Skull
Red Skull | Source

His Assassination....

In 2007 Rogers is apparently shot and killed outside a Federal Courthouse, an assassination planned by Red Skull.

As Rogers is laid to rest in Arlington National Cemetery, Tony Stark (Iron Man) has actually returned Rogers body to the Arctic where he had been found years before. Stark receives a letter containing Rogers request that Bucky should become the next Captain America, which he does.

Captain America: Reborn #1 (Aug 2009) reveals that Rogers did not die but that he was phased in and out of space and time, and brought back by Red skull who had then taken over his mind and body.

Rogers finally defeats Red Skull but asks Bucky to continue as Captain America.

Baron Zemo
Baron Zemo | Source

Recurring Enemies....

  • Red Skull
  • Baron Zemo
  • Crossbones
  • Doctor Faustus
  • Aim
  • Anim Zolan
  • Aleksander Lukin
  • Flag Smasher


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Fun Fact - Did you know...

Stan Lee has made cameo appearances in the last 20 Marvel movies from being the Jury foreman in The Trial of The Incredible Hulk (1989) to his appearance in the new Captain America: The Winter Soldier, playing the part of a security guard at the Smithsonian.

Members of The Avengers...

As per The Avengers #1 (Sept 1963) there were 5 founder members of The Avengers, these were Iron Man, Ant Man, Wasp, Hulk and Thor.

Captain America joined The Avengers the following year in The Avengers #4 (1964) followed a year later by Hawkeye, Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch in The Avengers #16 (May 1965)

There are over 100 members of The Avengers if you include all the various affiliations and separate story lines, such as West Coast Avengers, Post Inferno recruits, UN Charter recruits, Post-Heroes return recruits, New Avengers recruits (2005) etc.



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