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Capturing Silence

Updated on February 10, 2017

I listen and what do I hear? A sense peace of silence just filled the air.

Nothing is moving not a noise I can hear, no one is speaking not a word from mouth they bare.

No singing no echoes of dogs barking, birds chirping or car engines roaring.

I am laying in bed after a heavy downpour of rain, and everything is silent not a movement it is just plain.

I am listening to see what I can hear, but all I am getting is a slight soft ringing in my ears.

I captured peace a silence of way, if only I could get this day after day.

A peace of silence is embedded inside outside and around me, I wonder if anyone else is getting this or if it's just for me to feel and see?

The silence is just filling the air with its peace ways of rays, I wonder if this will go on for a number of days?

I would be able to hear a pin drop if I drop one, as this peace silence of way has been going on for so long.

I am keeping still as I listen some more,to see what I can hear in the sky or the ground of earth floor.

Nothing I can hear only my breathing fresh breath, I tried to see what happened with my listening test.

Capturing silence capturing peace, a sweet beautiful way that I always want inside outside and around me.


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