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Updated on August 7, 2011

‘Ladies and Gentleman, step right up

And marvel at the wonders around you.

A spectacle, truly, for one and all


Screams the voice of the man.

As flashing lights and parasites

Collect and then disband...

As the feeding frenzy of lust and guilt

become the chosen contraband.

‘I have problems at home!’ One


To quell her urgent need.

‘Well, I am alone!’ Another cries out

of anguish and stone cold greed.

And the pedlars peddle on...

Scraping the bottom of the barrel

they’ve conned.


And to look around one might see

The Carnivale for what it be...

A scale of the human condition

in a portrait of human mission.

A weeping eye will reason why

The gamers game and the gamblers try.

Though the free are free to fly

And the makers of the matrix lie...


Am apart.


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    • fi fi profile image

      fi fi 5 years ago from Niagara, Canada

      James A Watkins - Thank you! I'm glad you liked it, it's one of my favourites :)

    • James A Watkins profile image

      James A Watkins 5 years ago from Chicago

      Wow! You really have the gift for poetry. This is extraordinary. I love it! Well done.

    • fi fi profile image

      fi fi 6 years ago from Niagara, Canada

      ExoticHippieQueen - Thank you! And thanks for visiting :)

    • profile image

      ExoticHippieQueen 6 years ago

      Awesome poem, fi fi! I loved it! I'm voting it up and awesome!

    • fi fi profile image

      fi fi 6 years ago from Niagara, Canada

      Adam - Thanks for commenting! I AM happy about the 13 bucks :) If you didn't persuade me to move along, I could have lost much more, lol, and most likely would have.

    • profile image

      Adam 6 years ago

      Oh shush, you won 13 dollars, be happy hahaha.

      Great poem, good stuff. I rike it arot.