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Carnival Of Time

Updated on September 5, 2013

When I was young I used to feel like I was on a Ferris Wheel.
I'd reach the top and see so far as if to touch the brightest star.

At Carnival the teacups spun. We'd get Woozie! It was such fun! And then I grew and things changed. The wheel slowed and life rearranged.

Although I could see far far away, watching the people on the midway, I could see the difference between them all. Some were short and others tall.

My needs seemed then to Roller Coaster. Fast and furious! No One could get closer. The speed was so fast that you couldn't tell differences between people at all well.

It seemed better this way so I could not see the troubles as they flew right past me. The rush and sounds made me fly! I'd missed that from my younger minds eye.

And yet again the rides changed. Again my life seemed rearranged. Some times by choice sometimes by need, life changed to a different speed.

The kiddie rides I would frequent, unlike my own daring youth went. Taking care to protect the little ones, I took to looking after my young sons.

And as I watched they saw the stars. In their eyes they too did grow. Wishing to fly to Jupiter and Mars. Differences in others they did not know.

Just as when I was small I could now see, light in their eyes! Now they do see. Perhaps they will do what I've not accomplished yet. Their dreams find with their own hearts at sunset.

Kari Shinal Copyright March 9, 2008


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    • AUPADHYAY profile image


      Marvelous, tuatha, what a beautiful poem written, really you captured the portion of time. Thanks for sharing it. Voted it up.