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Carter House Girls Books

Updated on July 9, 2020
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Carter House Girls

~ Carter House Girls by Melody Carlson is a great series for teenage and young adult females. I read them all several years ago and I loved them. The series got its start in 2008 and it only took until 2010 for Carlson to finish all eight! ~

  ......Follow DJ, Taylor, Eliza, Rihannon, Casey, and Kriti through their time at the Carter House.  Can they follow Mrs. Carter's strict rules?  Will they be able to get along?  Read all 8 books and find out!......

"The journey of a lifetime starts with the turning of a page." - Rachel Anders

The Carter House Girls books

Some of the Carter House Girls books
Some of the Carter House Girls books

Mixed Bags

Mixed Bags book 1
Mixed Bags book 1

Desiree's (a.k.a. DJ) grandmother, Katherine Carter, turns her house into a boarding house for young girls. She hopes she can help them become proper young ladies and possibly, models. After all, Mrs. Carter had been a model herself back in the day -- a 60's fashion icon to be exact. All of the girls are quite different, but they must learn to get along. Can they cooperate and make Mrs. Carter's dreams come true?

Stealing Bradford

Stealing Bradford book 2
Stealing Bradford book 2

When Taylor is caught flirting with Bradford, his girlfriend, Rihannon, is not thrilled.  DJ decides to switch rooms so that Rihannon doesn't have to face her.  Did Taylor really steal him away though, or was Bradford the one to blame?

Homecoming Queen

Homecoming Queen book 3
Homecoming Queen book 3

The Homecoming Queen title is up for grabs. Will it be sweet (or so you'd think) southern belle Eliza, the terrible Taylor, or will DJ step up to claim the crown? Eliza's got her eye on the prize, but just how far will she go to get it?

Viva Vermont

Viva Vermont! book 4
Viva Vermont! book 4

Mrs. Carter has a man -- a very rich man - who invites all the girls to his cabin in Vermont for a weekend away. Some of the girls plan for a quiet getaway, and possibly some much needed bonding time. Others of them, however, have a much different idea of what the weekend is supposed to entail. Plans go awry.

Lost in Last Vegas

Lost in Las Vegas book 5
Lost in Las Vegas book 5

DJ and Taylor hate each other, or so you'd think.  But when Taylor calls her up saying she's lonely, DJ flies to Las Vegas to keep her company over the Christmas break.  Will it bring the girls closer, or make DJ wish she'd never attempted to try?

New York Debut

New York Debut book 6
New York Debut book 6

Eliza is excited that Taylor is gone. She thinks she'll be the hottest one on the runway without Taylor in the way. When Taylor shows back up at the last minute, the girls fight over whether it's fair or not she automatically gets a spot in their fashion show. The finalists had already been chosen.

Spring Breakdown

Spring Breakdown book 7
Spring Breakdown book 7

When the girls go to Florida for Spring Break, everyone expects it to be a nice, simple vacation to simply get away. It's neither nice nor simple though, when Eliza ends up missing and they have to spend their vacation time looking for her.

Last Dance

Last Dance book 8
Last Dance book 8

With their senior year coming to an end, the girls have one last final fashion show to attend. Who will shine, who will not? Will the girls stay friends or leave the house only to never speak again, despite all of the things they've gone through together?

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