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Carve your own destinies!

Updated on February 26, 2013

It is not a compulsion that either son of gold’s man will become a jeweler or the son of carpenter will become the same. We can change the destiny in our own way. Our Lord has put abilities in every person. Now it is our duty to find that gem and polish that out. My father was a driver and my mother used to darn clothes. I was the only brother of my three sisters. My parents worked hard to provide us all necessities of life. Their primary goal was to educate us and for doing that they were burning their souls. They wanted us to get education and so that their children can get rid of that pathetic and deplorable life. My father always urged a passion of becoming a businessman in me. He kept on encouraging me to acquire knowledge. My mother became sick due to T.B and after few days she left us alone in this ruthless world. Her death was a shock for us as we never imagined passing life without her so it permeated a new soul in me. That was indeed a bitter truth. My father started working like a machine to earn money to provide us all provisions, to educate us and besides this he tried his level best to fill that gap which made us feel as lonely beings. He did dual job. In morning he used to drive and in evening he used to sell parched grains and candies. After returning from school I used to help my little angels in their studies who are my whole life. I gave my grade 10th exams and got A+ grade. My father appreciated me and advised me to study well. My verves were becoming higher and higher so I devoted myself wholeheartedly to my studies. Stubbornness is my innate quality which helped in lending a hand to bear the hardships of life. I infused the same moral fiber in my sisters. I got admission in Govt. College on the basis of my grades and was awarded scholarship. I inculcated this thing in mind that only education is the way of chucking out poverty. Yes that poverty due to which my mother is no more with us, that poverty which compelled my old father to burn candle at both ends. My father grew old so he had to leave his job as a driver. He now used to sell parched grains and candies in the street. Meanwhile, I got admitted in MBA on scholarship basis. So after getting free from university, I joined an academy to teach students of secondary level. Then returning home I had to help my sisters too sometimes in their studies. I faced all the challenges laid down by life courageously considering that they were meant to make me a vigorous, tireless and strong hearted person who can face the mercilessness of this worldly world. I was done with my MBA and was offered many jobs.

That was a miracle of education that was an end to appalling life. My father was pleased in such a way that he got victory and accomplished his goal. That was a great triumph. But I still can’t forget those days when there was not a single candle to illuminate our house and so we had to study in the moon light waking till late at night. There is luminosity after darkness and there is fruit of every hardship and struggle.I am a blessed man.
Yes I am Ali Ahmad, a renowned businessman. My mother is not alive to see my triumph but she must be proud of me in paradise. My two sisters are married now. I am proficient enough to establish an organization for helping those children who lack opportunities in their lives and their abilities are concealed by poverty. All praise to God who has gifted me all such provident qualities like courage, diligence, wisdom and valor. Strength does not come from winning but the struggles in life help us in developing strength. Shape your dreams and devote yourself to attain your goals!


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