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~Cat House ... Owned by the cat!~

Updated on March 4, 2014

Cat House.

They sleep on my couches

They sleep in my chairs

Everything’s covered

in clingy cat hairs!

There are cat hairs short

and cat hairs long

To whom, exactly,

does THAT belong?

There’s a rather large pile

on the floor…over there…

I must have backed over a tail

with my chair!

Anywhere you look

you’re apt to see…

Except for a knock on the door,

when they flee…

Well, all except Friday,

who thinks it’s cool

to announce to my guests,

In this house, WE rule!

Then stands there to make

his statement complete

“Your guests can wait,

I’d like to eat!”

It’s a special occasion—

“I know what I’ll wear!”…


my evening gown’s covered

to the knees in CAT HAIR!

They’ve learned to push open

my closet doors!

Ok. I’ll put that

on my list of chores.

I can’t wear white

Because two are black

And one is grey

so I can’t wear black!

I believe I’ll start

a clothing line

For others owned

by cats like mine!

Sure, some will stare

with much shagrin

But around cat people,

we’ll always fit in!

And to that end,

there is much delight –

returning home…

later at night…

with another cat’s fur

and another cat’s smell…

That piercing look that says …

“…what the hell!???”

I won’t point fingers

and I won’t name names,

but this life we have

is fun and games

Even the scratches

(well, when they heal)

Life in a cat house

is quite the deal!

There is no denying –

I can’t hide the fact,

that I live in a home

where I’m owned

by the cat (s)!!!


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