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Cat V.S. Human: A Comic for Cat Lovers

Updated on November 25, 2014
A print screen of Yasmin Surovec's Cat Versus Human Blog
A print screen of Yasmin Surovec's Cat Versus Human Blog | Source

I can't remember exactly how I discovered "Cat versus Human" or even exactly when. I only remember that it was sometime last year and I believe it was related to one of my random Google searches. Since then I have enjoyed the funny and very realistic portrayal of cat and cat people behaviour.

One of Yasmin's many comics.
One of Yasmin's many comics. | Source

Most of the comics are of Yasmin’s three cats and are from her point of view. The comics are relatable to Cat people who can recognize their own cat(s)’s quirky behaviour within Yasmin’s drawings. Most of the behaviour is typical of cats but still incredibly funny. Things that non cat owners would find odd have cat owners both laughing and experiencing déjà-vu. Even the strangest of behaviours, such as a cat jumping up on you lap purring while you are sitting on the toilet can be found among the collection.

Though most of the comics are from the view of Yasmin recently she has started a separate set of comics which are from the view of her cats. She does the cat view pieces in black and white as a way to distinguish between her other colourful human view comics. The cat view of in comics certainly allows us an idea of what our cats are really thinking and a possible motive for certain behaviours. Yasmin offers interesting insight about things such as what our cats think when we are soaking in a bubble bath and their strange attraction to the scent of our stinky sneakers.

Yasmin has had a book published (also called "Cat vs. Human") that contains only a few of her comics. Many more "Cat vs. Human" comics can be found on Yasmin's Blog of the same title. She adds new ones fairly often and you can follow her on Facebook to get status updates when she posts a new comic on her blog. Yasmin also has another comic series called "Lemon Aide Swimming Pool", which is a comic about her experiences growing up. You can find a list of retailers that sell her book on her blog as well as a number of products containing her artwork.

"Cat versus Human's" popularity is rising and will be a definite hit with pretty much any cat lover.


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