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Caterpillar Eats

Updated on June 7, 2020
Monika Kushwaha profile image

I was born on 13th Dec in Rajasthan, India.I am presently working as an English faculty and also pursue my interest in modelling and writing

What is the essence of writing a Haiku

Haiku usually displays a pictorial representation in the minds of readers. Each of the three lines of a Haiku may be rhythmic or not but leave an everlasting impact on the minds of readers.

Haiku always consists of a symbolic meaning hidden deeply inside a small three line poem which leaves a deep thought in the mind of reader after reading. Usually a haiku is based on nature and its vast expanse but somehow it relates back to human life.

Nowadays, the Haikus are not only restricted to nature but have widened their prospects to other areas also. Still the poetries written in accordance with nature, animals, insects, birds are still loved and appreciated by the readers.The essence and base still sticks to the nature and binding the readers closely after a complete reading of the poem leaving them in thoughts for hours.

A reader may find different meanings

When a reader reads a particular poem he finds different meanings associated with it which may or may not be different from what the writer had actually thought of. This happens because of the different moods and states in which a particular reader is reading the poem. I would be happy if you share all the meanings you have inferred after reading this poem.

Caterpillar gulping a leaf

Caterpillar Eats

Usually Haikus don't have any title and the first line of the Haiku is itself considered to be the title of it.

It is so because the first line contexts, portrays and clearly draws a picture of what the poem is going to portray.

The developing ideas of poem is drawn in first line and the symbolic idea is revealed in the last line. The combination of first and third lines greatens the wider sense of thoughtful scenario and grows a really tremendous emotional front in the readers.

Caterpillar Eats

So, my haiku goes on like this:-

Caterpillar eats,

A soft, lush- green healthy leaf.

Plant still ignorant.

Here, a caterpillar is sitting on the leaf and slowly it starting gobbling the leaf in a silent manner. It is ingesting the leaf in such a silent and slow manner that even the plant doesn't come to know about its consumption.

This incident usually happens in human life when they are completely covered with dark clouds of negativity subsequently damaging their inner soul and optimism making them handicapped from their mind.

We are usually surrounded by people who slowly and subsequently fill our mind with dirt, sometimes evil and negativity to a level that we become suspicious of every situation that occurs around us.

We need to get rid of such people on time, hence we should be aware of whether a person surrounding us is trying to numb our cells or not.

© 2020 Monika Kushwaha


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