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Chances are meant to be taken

Updated on December 13, 2015

run away with me...

"Take a chance."

It seemed such a simple request. He looked at her with eyes full of hope and wonder, in anticipation of what could be.

She knew this was not a risk that could be taken lightly. But when she looked upon him, she could feel his outpouring of love, as the warmth from the sun.

Leaving him was hell. The fire in his eyes, now clouded by the painful dulling of sorrow.

Their time spent apart was torture. How would they make this work? How would they keep this fire, newly ignited, without allowing distance to leave it but a cold ash?

"Come get me."

It seemed such a simple request.

She thought of how his eyes spoke to her in ways that her mind had never known; of how his touch was poetry and art upon her body.

And, with reckless abandon, she threw caution to the wind.

Taking a chance on him. On them. On love.


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