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Updated on January 30, 2013

Barbie Girl - Aqua


She lays backwards, her head where her legs should be. Dirty blond hair flows over her face onto the white shag rug.  She loves laying face down on her neatly made bed while she talks on her cell phone. Today’s hit music is always playing somewhat softly on her expensive stereo system that mommy and daddy bought her almost seven years ago.  Even though the music is playing, a silent 42 inch television shows the sitcoms of the day.  Between the television and the stereo system sits the closet.  The closet is a double walk-in with floor to ceiling mirrors, six of them to be exact.  In front of the end mirror sits an exercise bike and a treadmill that are only slightly scuffed from years of use.  In the middle of the room hangs a small chandelier, there is a chandelier in almost every room. As an angel watches over it’s land, so does the chandelier, and she often looks back at this ominous light for answers.

Being a young woman is tough, especially having just recently graduated from high school.  There is everything to think about; guys, friends, and so much more.  For her though, money was never a problem.  Material objects were easy to come by, and the popularity followed naturally.  The popularity came also because of her athletic ability and her natural born beauty.  She has long, dirty blond hair, which is slightly wavy, big brown eyes, small nose and lips and nicely chiseled cheeks with well pronounced cheekbones.  This, of course, was only her facial features; she had a nice body too.  Not only did she look good in a bathing suit, but also in her so-called grubby clothes as well.

As the phone conversation slowly came to an end, she rolled over to put a DVD into the player, Pretty in Pink to be exact.  She wasn’t quite sure why she liked it, it was such an old movie, but she knew that in some strange way she could relate to the characters.  Not the main characters of course no she was more like the “richies” and she understood them; especially the rich boy who went after the normal girl.  Something about that relationship still made her heart skip a beat.  Coming back to reality, she hung up the phone before the first scene started. She headed for the exercise bike, passing the rows of shelving as she went. On her shelves were trophies from tennis and rowing and medals from swimming along with numerous pictures of girlfriends and boyfriends.  Her room was always immaculate because of the cleaning lady that came in once a week.  As she pedaled she thought of her swim meet tomorrow when a knock at her door shakes her from her thoughts.  The nanny for her younger siblings was letting her know that dinner was ready; she wasn’t sure where her parents were tonight, she never knew they could be out of town or out of the country for all she knew.

Sitting downstairs eating dinner under the dining room chandelier, she thinks of her phone conversations of the day and suddenly she realizes they mean nothing to her.  She feels empty inside even though she’s eating.  She feels all alone at the table even though her younger siblings and the nanny are there.  She feels alone and engulfed in a mansion of a house, she feels imprisoned in a lavish jail with everything anyone would or could ever desire. She looks up to the glowing angel for answers to the problems she is having.  Then she notices, perhaps for the first time, that every chandelier in her house is slightly different.  She feels, perhaps for the first time, that chandeliers are like people.  Every human is slightly different but they are all humans and all chandeliers are slightly different but still are chandeliers.  She is suddenly feeling very alone and scared for the first time in her life. So insecure, she runs up to her room, picks up the phone and dials #1 on her memory and promises herself something real big.  The promise is that if she ever feels as she did just now, like a real person, a lonely person and an insecure person, she would respond as she always does to every problem.  She would call all her friends and go to the mall to drown her sorrows in her mommy and daddy’s credit cards.


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    • Triplet Mom profile image

      Triplet Mom 8 years ago from West Coast

      Cris - Thank you. You nailed it thats for sure!!

    • Cris A profile image

      Cris A 8 years ago from Manila, Philippines

      Ahh the nothingness beneath all that glitters. Nice read TM! More more more :D