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Chapter 28; FireBird on Smudge

Updated on June 21, 2017

Trying to Get Back To

In my yacht, comfortable on the sofa, the monitor before us, and I say;
"They can be virtually invisible."

I had deployed five cyborgs around the two stones where we had sat.
The two stones where I had come to the decision, or more honestly, didn't.

I loved Priam as I had no other, as I would love no other.
Regardless of what might be, if I could translate it clean, I would.

I had dispatched the cyborgs, grey doughboys in human shape. Priam had seen them leave the ship, along with the small 'batwings' which had perched on their shoulders like parrots.

These cyborgs could adopt various shapes but never look as human as my androids, grey doughboys are good enough.

Now I turn to watch his face as I gave the order. He has such a beautiful expressive face, I could watch him all day.

Being with him...

"How did you do that?" he exclaims, seeing one of my avatars 'disappear'.

"Cameras on the back transmit to the front, front to back, so it seems you
are seeing through it."

He keeps watching, able to see the little distortion when the cyborg moved,
it could be thought of as heat, wafting from the ground, causing a shimmer.

His eyes turned to mine, holding that wonder that elevated me to the highest level of ecstasy.

I turned back to the screen as if there was something to monitor.
There wasn't.
This was not the job I'd been paid for.

I'd been hired to find a guy who should be around Pier One, trying to sell
diamonds. I'd sent an avatar to lurk by Ahmet.

Going to the jungle had been to leave Priam.
Leave him, and run away.

But Priam did not need to know that.
He did not need to know I mistrusted him.

I didn't need to know it either.
I, the Universe's greatest liar, pretended we were tracking dangerous
criminals into the jungle beyond Pier Four.

Going Forward

Priam was either the most cunning deceiver in existence, or the most innocent.
I was going with the second because I loved him so much that to not see him
for a single day would tear my heart from my chest.

If he was on a mission to kill my father it was easy to avert.
My father never left Newfrance.
We need never return.

I had travel brochures from nearly every Normal settled world.
Some were rather beautiful.
And I'd never seen Earth.

Considering how much money I'd get when my avatars returned the diamond thief,
and whomever else I captured on Smudge, we could travel to Earth.
There, he being a Eugenic, me a Norm, wouldn't raise an eyebrow.

When he was with me, dressed in normal clothing, he could be the recipient
of normal good genes. There were naturally occurring beautiful people.

I couldn't tell him my plans, I couldn't let him know for a second that though
I would die believing in him, I couldn't risk my father's life.

We would be together for as long as possible, maybe I would have his children.
Maybe we would be 'married' in some sense of the word.
Maybe he'd leave me next month, next year, okay I had now, and I was diving
into it, my eyes closed.
Sort of.


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