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Chapter 51: Sprite, A Wizard’s Delight

Updated on September 29, 2018
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M.D. Johnson is a poet, playwright, author, and blogger. She has a BA in English and a Masters of Management in Business.


Chapter 51: Sprite, A Wizard’s Delight, From Relica Enchanted Series, Volume 2

For Sprites are un-winged, small fairies,

That lead sad, melancholy lives,

Due to their mischievous behavior;

Of their abilities,

They delight in troublemaking,

Not that they are evil,

They just can’t help being bad,

They will sneak into homes,

Being of small frame,

And having fairy magic,

To steal or hide things,

They are even known to spoil milk,

Or add ingredients to make a dish down right disgusting and distasteful,

They are shunned by society,

Thus must live a solitary and forlorn life,

They are accustomed to taking many a swatting for their naughty behavior

And may appear timid and cower.

Sylvan knew no other way to do it, as he hadn’t ever come across a Sprite, lucky for him, so he put an ad in the Daily Newspaper of Selah, that he would be happy to remedy any Sprite infestation; Sprites, to most, being pests. He had several callers, but one case in particular intrigued him most of all, to the point he had to make a house call.

A gnomide by the name of Twinny Boomsberry complained of a home invasion by several Sprites, souring her tea with too much lemon, spoiling her milk by leaving it out, rearranging her furniture in a manner not akin to Feng Shui or even comfort’s sake for that matter, she believed they hid her favorite corset so she would have to look frumpy and lumpy which she said greatly affected her self-esteem for the worse. To make matter’s worse they soaked all the firewood in water and she therefore couldn’t get it to light and had to remain cold throughout the night since she could not chop firewood because she had an unfortunate accident when she awoke and got out of bed only to slip in a puddle the Sprites’ made, and injure her arm. Twinny’s complaints went on and on, but I am sure you get the idea; there were definitely Sprites at work here.

How would Sylvan lure them out of Twinny’s home you might ask, Sylvan figured if Sprites were just fairies without wings, possibly due to their mischievousness, then he would offer them wings, if they would come along and agree to do his bidding for the war. For if there is ever a time and place to be naughty, the battlefield would surely be the place and he knew the Sprites would be perfect for the job of sneaking in amongst Medea’s troops and perhaps misplacing their weaponry or adding a dash of eternal sleeping potion in their grub, exchanging one map or war plan for another, just to name a few objectives Sylvan had in mind. One gnomide’s pest could be one wizard’s delight.


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