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Chapter Eighteen: The Eleventh Dimension - A Work In Progress

Updated on February 12, 2009

Help Me With This Experiment


I've decided to try a little experiment. I have a chapter that I am presently writing that will become Chapter 18 of my novel Antiquity Calais: Standing At Armageddon. The subject of this chapter is the 11th Dimension, which physicists theorize explains long held mysteries of physics. In this chapter, Leviathan Avalon - the antagonist of Antiquity Calais - is trapped in the 11th Dimension, in between two membranes, which represent two Universes. Avalon needs to escape in order to continue his war against the Creator. I have decided to present this chapter as a Work In Progress, so that readers and fans can see this chapter as it takes shape. But then the thought occurred to me, why not give those fans a chance to help shape this chapter?

At the outset, let me say that I am retaining all rights to the content that is generated. However, anyone who contributes will receive recongition in the Acknowledgements section of the book. Plus, I will be pleased to give a complimentary electronic copy of the finished book to anyone who generates an idea that I incorporate into this chapter or any other chapter in the book.

As a work in progress, you can expect that I will be updating this page frequently, as I create new material, so you'll want to check back often and see how this project evolves. And so, without further ado, here's Chapter 18: Escape from the Eleventh Dimension!

Chapter Eighteen: Escape from the Eleventh Dimension

Leviathan Avalon was stuck, and there were no good solutions in sight. In fact, all he could see, as far as his ethereal eyes would go, was the very faint shimmer of some sort of membrane. This membrane was as thin as it was wide; in fact, the light particles that betrayed its existence seemed to have more substance than the membrane itself.

The membrane he was spying was below him. Above him, had he chanced a glance in that direction, he would have seen a similar membrane, only that one seemed to have a rough surface, not the smooth, vibrant surface of the membrane he was spying below.

In the middle, there was nothing, save for him. The sensation was unnerving. Never before had he felt so completely out of control, which was a sensation he did not relish.

"Where the hell did that red-eyed freak send me?" Avalon screamed to no one in particular, since he seemed to be the lone occupant of this realm, wherever he was.

Just as Avalon uttered those words, the so-called "red-eyed freak," also known as Mothman, appeared before him. This only enraged him more.

"How do you like your prison Avalon?"

Avalon did not speak. The expression of pure loathing was all the language he needed to convey the answer. Mothman had not expected a reply.

"Welcome to the Eleventh Dimension," Mothman said.

"Why have you sent me here?!!!!!!!!"

"Oh don't you recall? I think we covered this subject before, Avalon. I sent you here so you could not hurt any more people."

"Have you stripped me of my powers?"

"Stripping would not be the word I would use. Your powers remain intact. The only problem for you is that except for you and I, no one else resides in this dimension. So you can raise hell all you want, and there will be no one here to witness it. It really serves as an ideal prison."

Avalon lunged at the eight-foot tall winged man with red glowing eyes built into his shoulders, for lack of a head. He failed to reach him, however, and when he missed, he exclaimed, "I'm going to find a way out of this place, and when I do, you will pay most dearly!"

"You keep believing that and you may have the slightest chance of saving what is left of your sanity. Goodbye Avalon. Enjoy your solitude."

Avalon did not enjoy solitude. He never had and never would. Mothman must have known this, or if he didn't, it was a rather delicious fact that would give Mothman that much more satisfaction, as he left Avalon suspended in time and space, somewhere in the eleventh dimension.

Still, if the so-called "red-eyed freak" could come and go from this dimension, there must be a way that he could escape. He just needed to find it.

"It must be a portal, somewhere," Avalon concluded.


Satan was not a happy camper, not that he ever really had been. But even by his own darkest of dark standards, this latest development was downright infuriating.

"The Eleventh Dimension? What the Hell is he doing in the Eleventh Dimension?" Satan roared at a beast that had just brought the news to Satan. "Doesn't he realize that he is completely useless to me in the Eleventh Dimension?"

The creature, which had the head and tail of a horse, with hooves for feet, yet stood upright. It did not speak a language, per se, yet Satan seemed to understand its incomprehensible shrieks and screams that sounded eerily human.

"Yes, I know the babbling idiot didn't intend to get stuck there, but what good is he to me if he's trapped there? Of all the places he could go, that's the one place I couldn't get to him!"

The creature shrieked again, prompting an irritated reply from Satan, "Well yes, of course, I couldn't go back to Heaven if he were there, but it's not like he'd ever be allowed to go there!" Satan mulled over the situation again, before ordering the beast, "Go fetch Mordock. I want him to come to me now."


Leviathan Avalon was an extraordinarily bright man, but he was paying an extraordinary price for having failed to keep up with the times, as he sat out in the hinterlands between two universes. For the vast majority of the years since his corporeal existence ended, Avalon had been a one man destruction machine. He paid little attention to advances in science, in particular in physics, that may have aided him in his current quandary.

Twentieth and Twenty-first century physicists had been working on a so-called "Theory of Everything." Some physicists claimed there were 10 dimensions, and they were diametrically opposed to those physicists who claimed there was an "extra" dimension for a total of 11. Some of those physicists had, accurately, predicted that there would be multiple universes that were, by and large, oblivious to the presence of another parallel universe in their back yard. As Leviathan Avalon hovered in the transience between two of those universes, he was unaware that in a few billion years, the solution of his problem would present itself. For these two universes - two among a countless number that Earth-bound scientists could only speculate existed - were moving inexorably toward each other. When they collided, there would be another Big Bang, and a new set of the laws of physics would emerge.

Until these membranes collided, however, Leviathan Avalon would essentially be a Universe unto himself.


Satan sat upon his throne, overlooking the lake of fire, into which souls from the Highway to Hell were falling. Even watching them burn in anguish, normally a favorite past time of the Prince of Darkness, was not enough to improve his mood. He sat in silence, staring intently into the raging inferno below, until with little or no pre-planning, he screamed, "I want Mordock!"

Mordock, unbeknown to Satan, was standing behind him, cowering slightly in fear of what his father wanted from him.

"Yes my lord," Mordock replied meekly.

Satan twisted around violently, glaring at his son. "How long were you going to stand there and make me wait?"

"I only just arrived sir," Mordock lied.

"Don't lie to me, you useless sack of puss!"

"No father, I wouldn't lie to you father."

"You wouldn't lie to me? Shall I show you at least 10,000 times when you have been caught lying to me Mordock?"

"No father. What may I do for you father?"

"Well first of all, STAND IN FRONT OF ME! I'm tired of twisting my neck around to see your pitiful face!"

Mordock promptly complied with the request, though he was unsure why. It's not as if his father would treat him any differently if he complied than if he didn't.

"Yes father. What can I do now for you father?"

"I'm sending you on a mission."

"A mission, sir?"


"Uhhhh, no sir. I understand what a mission is, sir. I just don't know exactly what the mission entails."

"Well I'm getting to that! I need you to get Avalon for me."

"Very well sir, where is Avalon?"

"Avalon is trapped in the 11th Dimension."

"The the the the 11th Dimension, sir?"

"Yes! That is exactly what I said."

"And you want me to go to the 11th Dimension."

"Now you're grasping the picture."

"And you know that a being from the dark side may not return to our realm after having been in the 11th Dimension."

Satan looked at Mordock with an expression of incredulity, as if to suggest that Mordock was being unreasonable by insinuating that sending him to the 11th Dimension was somehow inappropriate.

"Yes Mordock, I know perfectly well that once you enter the 11th Dimension that you will be unable to return. That is why I have chosen you for this mission. You see Mordock, you have been a colossal failure as one of my offspring. Of all my children, you are the one I can afford to lose. Therefore you are ideally suited for this mission."

If Mordock were not so intimidated by Satan, he would have been offended. Instead, he chose to look at this mission as an opportunity. Whether he succeeded or failed in his endeavor, he knew for certain that this would be the last time he had to be subjected to Satan's insults and tyranny. His father was effectively giving him his freedom.

"How do I get there?"

"Through the eye of the storm."

It seemed that freedom would not come without risk or a price.


Mordock didn't need to ask his father what storm to which he was referring. Raging with winds blowing upwards of 400 miles per hour in a counterclockwise pattern, the Great Red Spot on Jupiter had fascinated Earth dwellers since it was first observed in the 1600s. Whereas terrestrial storms tended to be low pressure systems that rotate clockwise, this storm was high pressure. Plus, since there was no solid ground for the storm to run into, it had a perpetual source of energy coming from Jupiter's hot core and nothing to slow it down.

In the eye of this storm, there was a portal that linked the Universe in which Leviathan Avalon, Antiquity Calais and the rest of the human race resided to the 11th Dimension version of Jupiter.

The problem was that the laws of physics in the 11th Dimension were dramatically different than in other universes in other dimensions. In the Universe where Mordock would be leaving, gravity was the weakest of the forces of nature. In the 11th dimension, gravity was much stronger. In fact, any gravity that existed in other universes in other dimensions found its source in the 11th dimension. A soul could be split into many tiny pieces by going through that portal from the 11th Dimension to any of the other dimensions, the gravity is so intense. Going from a low level of gravity into the 11th Dimension could have the opposite effect, being flattened into a pancake.

Regardless of which dimension of time-space a traveler should find themselves in, Jupiter was an awesome spectacle. With a diameter of nearly 90,000 miles at the equator, every other planet in the solar system could fit inside this gas giant, with room to spare. It would not be accurate to say that the Great Red Spot was on the surface of Jupiter, for Jupiter had no surface. Instead, astronomers contended that the storm was hovering in the upper atmosphere, traveling along a jet stream in the southern hemisphere.

Mordock could only guess the turbulence he would encounter in that storm. And with winds swirling at 400 miles per hour, what were the odds that he could find this portal that he knew theoretically existed, but didn't even know what it looked like?

Then there was the matter of the magnetosphere and the enormous amount of radiation spewing from this planet. It's little wonder, Mordock reasoned, that no one had survived going through this portal. Just getting to the portal would be perilous enough.

"Oh father, why are you doing this to me?" Mordock whined, not expecting an answer. It can well be imagined his shock and dismay when he heard a deep booming voice say:

"Your father is not doing this to you Mordock. Come to Olympus Mons."

Mordock did not know who had spoken to him, nor did he care. Any alternative destination aside from diving into the eye of the Great Red Spot was a diversion well worth taking.

It took him some time to traverse the trek from Jupiter to Mars since he had to navigate through the astronomical minefield known as the asteroid belt. Olympus Mons was the tallest mountain in the solar system, three times the height of Earth's Mount Everest. Mordock could not understand why the Creator would have put such a majestic mountain on a dead planet. But then, there was a lot about the Creator that Mordock did not understand.

Mordock might not have been quite as impressed with the majesty of Olympus Mons if he had had to climb it, but as he was able to teleport instantly, that was not a problem. However, upon arriving at the edge of the summit, looking down into the caldera, Mordock became acutely aware that he was afraid of heights. What's more, he didn't even know that what he was viewing was simply the crater at the top of the mountain, created when magma chambers underneath the surface emptied, and the ground sunk in. The mountain itself, though extremely large, was deceptively tall, because it was actually much wider than it was tall. This was due to the fact that on Mars, there was no plate tectonics, and the mountain sat directly above a hot spot that continually spewed magma, building the mountain higher and higher. As he stood at the top of the mountain, the presumption among scientists who had never visited this mountain was that it was at least dormant, and possibly extinct, though no one would want to say that, given the mountain's history.

So there he stood, looking into this crater, feeling a little bit more than just slightly freaked out (though still not so freaked out that he would prefer to do a swan dive into the Great Red Spot), and Mordock was beginning to wonder if he had come here under false pretenses. Perhaps there hadn't been a voice that beckoned him to this mountain. Perhaps it was a trick Satan was playing on him to see if he obeyed his instructions to exile himself into the realm of the 11th dimension. It was entirely plausible, then, that Satan could appear momentarily and blast him into oblivion, for, unlike the 11th dimension, there was nothing that would have precluded his father from landing atop Olympus Mons.

And that's another thing, Mordock thought. Why would that voice say that my father is not doing this to me? Mordock knew it was Satan who had dispatched him on this mission, but it never occurred to him that the true message this invisible voice was imparting on him was that Satan was not, in fact, his father.

It would have made Mordock uncharacteristically happy if this voice would drop by for another visit, and just when he started to give up on this visit to the Martian mountain, he turned as if to position himself to fly away, the voice returned.

"Do not leave Mordock."

The shock of hearing this voice made Mordock, who had his back turned to the caldera as he heard it, lose his balance, and fall backwards into the caldera. He screamed all the way down and was certain that he would be soon experiencing a pain that only his father could administer.

But the pain never came, and with his eyes clenched tightly, Mordock still screaming at the top of his lungs, realized that he had stopped moving. First he allowed himself to stop screaming, and moments later he dared to open his eyes, to see a man with a flowing white beard standing before him.

"Are you God?"

The man smiled, but said, "Not in the sense that you are referring. I am Zeus. Thank you for coming."


Leviathan Avalon was bound and determined to find a way out of this prison. The problem was that gravity was so intense in the 11th Dimension that he found that even with his power of flight, he could barely move. It was like he was trying to swim in quicksand. So even if he were able to move down into the plane of the ecliptic, along which this universe he was spying lay, it would take him an eternity to make it there. And then, once he had actually gotten down to the general area he wanted to go, he would still have to travel through that membrane in search of a portal that he could only hope would exist.

What made Avalon so angry was the knowledge that Mothman had deposited him in this dimension so easily, and he (the red-eyed freak) could apparently come and go as he pleased. That was a mystery worth pondering. Whereas he was presently making almost no progress in moving physically, Avalon decided his energies would be better served if he put his brain power to work.

Inevitably, since he had spent so much of his existence focusing on destroying everything he could, Avalon's thoughts dwelt upon how he could blast his way out of this dimension. Surely there must be some force he could use to force open a pathway leading out of the 11th dimension. The question then became how he should access this power source. No answer to this problem presented itself immediately, which enraged Avalon, who was accustomed to instant gratification. In an angry outburst, Avalon dispatched a beam of pure red energy at the unsuspecting membrane below him. Although it was a powerful blast, it seemed not to have any discernible effect, at least from his vantage point in the transience between the membranes.

Then an intriguing though passed through his mind, one so intriguing, in fact, that he actually giggled as he thought of it. It would serve to follow, Avalon reasoned, that since he was but one man who was as far removed from his power source as he had ever been, that he should not have been able to impact this membrane below him.

However, he also theorized that in that membrane, there must be hundreds of millions of galaxies, and within those galaxies there must have been countless stars, each with an enormous amount of energy to draw upon. So perhaps, he thought, if he could somehow attach a flux tube between him and even one of those stars, he could usurp enough energy to blast a hole in the fabric of this Universe.

The theory was sound, Avalon concluded, but he still needed to work out the details of how to test it.


Mordock had only heard of the legend of Zeus and the old Olympian gods, but he had been led to believe they were only figments of the collective human imagination. Yet there he lay, atop Olympus Mons, gazing into the eyes of someone claiming to the be King of the gods.

The shock was more than Mordock could handle, and he passed out straight away. When he regained consciousness, Mordock was somewhat amazed to find himself not flat on his back in the caldera of Olympus Mons, but inside a magnificently decorated room that seemed to belong in a castle. Yet he noted, as he glanced around, that there were no windows in this room, and it gave him the sensation that wherever he was, it was probably underground.

"Where have you taken me?"

"You are safe, my friend. The man you believe to be your father will have no power to hurt you while in our care."

That was actually a relief to Mordock. For although he still had plenty of questions about who he was looking at and why this person had a special interest in him, he knew that Satan's wrath would be unprecedented once the prince of darkness learned that Mordock had not sacrificed himself in the name of freeing Avalon from the 11th Dimension.

"Why have you rescued me?"

"The short answer to that question, my friend, is because you and I have a bond. A bond created by our mutual adversary. We are natural allies."

"Are you fighting the Creator as well?"

At that remark, Zeus chuckled, shaking his belly as he laughed.

"No my friend. I can understand why you would think that, because until a short while ago, you were on the front lines in the classic battle between good and evil. However, I think you will agree that the recent turn of events involving you, your mission and Satan have somewhat changed the dynamic to a large degree."

"I'm not sure I follow," Mordock confessed, feeling somewhat inadequate as he explained that.

"I'll try to explain in simple language. Satan tried to destroy you. What you don't know is that he tried to destroy me and my fellow Olympians as well. As you can see, he failed in that endeavor. Satan does not tolerate failure, whether it is at the hands of one of his cohorts, or himself. He will view your failure to extricate Avalon as your personal failure. However, he will not rest until he has satisfied his goal of destroying you and freeing Avalon and destroying you. That means, whether you like it or not, your new chief adversary is Satan."

"So you're saying that because he wants me dead that now I have to align myself with the Creator?"

"No, I did not say that. The Creator is not a threat to you. The Creator creates. That's His chief purpose in the broad scheme of things. He will be pleased to have you join Him, but if you choose to go your own way, that is your business. I am saying, however, that you need to take steps to protect yourself from Satan. He will not rest until he can declare victory."

"I whose side are you on?"

"I am on the side of truth and justice."

"And you want to help me because you think I will help you achieve truth and justice?"

"Something like that."


"Well, specifically, I feel you can help me to better understand Satan. You have spent the vast majority of your existence in his realm, and if anyone has both the information we need and the motivation to divulge it, you would be the leading candidate."

"And if I refuse?"

"Then you are free to go. But be aware that if you choose that path, expect no assistance from the gods as Satan hunts you down and destroys you."

"I see. Now answer another question."

"Fire away!" Zeus said with a smile. "Get it? Fire? Satan! I kill myself!"

Mordock, not exactly the sharpest tool in the shed, didn't get it, but he pressed onward, "You said it is not my father who is doing this to me, but at the same time you are saying that my father wants to hunt me down and destroy me. How can that be?"

"Because Satan is not your father. He stole you from the Creator when the fallen angels were expelled from Heaven. Satan is incapable of creating life. That is the Creator's domain, and only He decides who is worthy to bring children into creation. Satan stole you from the Creator, but I believe the Creator allowed you to be stolen, because He foresaw the day that you would be able to play a key role in the ultimate downfall of Satan."

All this was far too much for Mordock's struggling mind to handle, and it must have appeared to Zeus that he was about to lose consciousness again, because he said, "Mordock! Snap out of it!" Receiving such a command from Zeus, whether he was truly the Zeus of ancient Greek mythology, was certainly enough to get Mordock's attention. Once he had his bearings about him, Mordock continued his questions.

"How do you and these gods fit into this picture?"

"We are the Creator's children, just like you."

This answer, though somewhat vague, seemed to satisfy Mordock, as he continued along a different thread. "What will become of Avalon?"

"Avalon is being addressed as we speak."


It took some doing, but Leviathan Avalon found an appropriate star (the brightest one he could discern), and established a connection between himself and that source of light and energy. It is doubtful that the star was at all aware that Avalon was draining its energy, for he was so far removed, and even taking what Avalon thought was a great deal of energy, in the broad scheme of things, the amount he was taking was minuscule at best.

Avalon did not know exactly how much energy he would need to drain from the star to accomplish his objective. He did note that his skin tone was becoming brighter and brighter by the second. Soon, in addition to the bright white hue emanating from his body, Avalon began to feel as if his body was beginning to overheat. The heat grew and grew, proportionally with the brightness in his form, and he continued to drain energy from his generous host until he felt that if he took even another second of energy he would explode.

At that precise moment, just as Avalon was unleashing the full contents of the energy he had just drained from the star, a chariot came streaking seemingly out of nowhere, and in the direct path toward which Avalon had just cast his energy blast. Unwittingly, Avalon had delivered what would have been a fatal blow of energy to the charioteer (had that charioteer been mortal), who instead was blasted from his seat and sent hurtling into space. In an instant, Avalon took his place on the chariot, which promptly vanished through a portal that opened instantaneously. Avalon was free from the 11th Dimension, and had little regard for the fate of the previous occupant of this chariot.



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    • crashcromwell profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from Florida

      My understanding, as limited as it can be with the bulk of my education on the subject coming from the Discovery Science Channel, is that in addition to the recognizable dimensions of of height, width, and depth, there are other dimensions that are not as obvious. They describe them in very unusual fashions, suggesting they may be milimeters in depth and height, but infinitely wide and long. Also, most people accept that a fourth dimension is the non-physical dimension of time. H.G. Wells advanced the theory in the Time Machine that without time, or duration, nothing else would exist.

      Beyond that, it's all Greek to me. I just enjoy the fictional opportunities such concepts offer. For example, in the current book I am working on - Antiquity Calais Ascending Olympus - I introduce the idea of an as yet undetected 12th dimension. In this dimension, there is no time, so anything that goes in cannot get out, without specific protections and assistance. It's the ultimate prison for people (or gods) who have angered Zeus.

      Thanks for your comment issues veritas!


    • profile image

      issues veritas 

      9 years ago

      What do believe constitutes a dimension?

    • crashcromwell profile imageAUTHOR


      10 years ago from Florida

      All I know is that there are people out there who are a hell of a lot smarter than I am who have been arguing over 10 dimensions or 11 for years. I think they all agree on 10 dimensions, so how much of a leap is 11? Anyone go for 12?

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      I like your work. I would love to read the entire story sometime.

      I know it goes against the popular understanding of the Theory of Relativity and the m-theory, but I personally can't buy into the 11th dimension stuff, myself. I think it puts too much emphasis on sentient observation. Besides, what constitutes sentience? Where is the cut-off line? Can dolphins and primate observe and unobserve things into and out of probable existence by observing them or is that a feat only humans are blessed with?

      What of things that will occur long after sentient life or long before that never will be observed? . I just put a period after that setence for no reason. By doing so, I just created an infinity of infinities of alternative timelines and universes then if I hadn't. Maybe the Pen is mightier than the sword.

    • crashcromwell profile imageAUTHOR


      10 years ago from Florida

      The concept of 11 dimensions and membranes (or branes, as they are also called) is something I've picked up by watching far too many shows on the Discovery Science Channel. I'm no physicist, but my understanding is that there has been a debate raging for some years about how many dimensions there are in the physical universe. Most had settled on either 10 or 11 dimensions (don't ask me what they are, beyond height, width, & depth). These physicists further theorize that there must be more than one universe, and these are represented by the membranes. So when our friend Avalon is looking down at one of the membranes, he is actually seeing a universe from a bird's eye view. Unbeknownst to him, he is also floating beneath another universe, or membrane.

      Your question regarding how one passes is the critical point Avalon must determine in order to escape. For these are true parallel universes, and if there were a readily obvious path between them, they would no longer be parallel and separate.

      Jim Henry

    • LdsNana-AskMormon profile image

      Kathryn Skaggs 

      10 years ago from Southern California

      Fascinating concept... these membrane-like veils. Are these veils between worlds? How does one pass? Is it possible that we are all trapped between veils of some place we have been and some place we have yet to become qualified to go?

      Interesting reading to say the least:-)



    • crashcromwell profile imageAUTHOR


      10 years ago from Florida

      Solarshingles - Thanks for that great comment! I am not familiar with the theory you quoted, but you can bet I'll do some reading on it and see if there's a way to work it into the story line.

      Regarding your last sentence, the object of this exercise is to get Avalon out of his "prison" in the 11th Dimension. Beyond that, I haven't revealed the conclusion of the book because I don't want to spill the beans entirely. Suffice to say, Avalon is a critical component to the final chapter, so he needs to find a way out of this prison so he can play his role in the Battle of Armageddon.

      Jim Henry

    • solarshingles profile image


      10 years ago from london

      Wow, that's something brand new, here. Maybe, you could rewrite Avalon's words to be said in accordance to special 'subliminal command message', to reprogram subconscious=unconscious of Mothman, such is NLP of Dr.Bandler&Dr.Grinder. Ultra high rage could cause ultra high adrenalin exhaust to Avalon's blood system, which causes switch of his conscience to unconscious instantly and their unification in real time, which is otherwise not possible by the famous principle of uncertainty of Werner Heisenberg. That was only old, forgotten survival mechanism written in billions of years old Avalon's genetic material. Whatever he expresses from now on is a direct subliminal embedded command, which unknowingly reprogram Mothman subconscious.That anomalous activity triggers his rescue, while Mothman is asleep. Mothman, unaware of his deeds while deeply asleep, change the spin of electrons in his DimensioTron device and that causes totally unpredictable series of events. (DimensioTron has never been tested in conditions of holding a subject in the 11Th dimension) Avalon has been materialized in all dimensions at once, he has been lived in all times, ever and his conscience crystallizes in one omnipotential conscience. That was/is/will be the state of a God.

      (sorry, I am not a master of words in English language, and I probably missed the point of the book ending/conclusion?)


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