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Chapter Forty Nine - War Begins

Updated on June 22, 2017

The Start

We'd flown the Presidium to Earth. Some snafu delay in taking on cargo. We were
down for serious shore leave. As Captain, I'd given most of the crew permission
to off keeping the Seniors to do the checks. That's when I heard war had begun
between Sagir and Dalmar.

Cilla gave a sneer and I had a feeling we'd be tossed into the mix. I decided we all
needed serious off time so closed the boat and we all offed.

But knowing there was something happening out there forced me back to the ship
where Ian was doing what a Geek does.


"What I've gotten is that twelve Dal ships were blown almost synchronised, and the Dals..."

"Blown, where?" I ask.

He brought up a map of the galaxy, zoomed to the most traveled areas, circled
twelve different points.

"What's the connection?" I ask.

"They were alone. The Sags came out of no where, blew them, disappeared.
Rescue slash search slash revenge squads found nothing, not even heat trails."

"What kind of ships?" I poke.

"Cruisers, their biggest and best. Like the Sags knew where the Dalmar would be..."

"Or lured them..." I gave.

"Yeah, or lured them there..."

"Then?" I push, trying to get the data in a sensible fashion.

"The Dals raced to Sagir. The whole area is mined, most ships got blown, the ones
that didn't were taken out by...Ta Da!"

"The Invictus!" I supply.

"Give that man a cigar!" Ian gestured.

"Now what's playing?" I ask.

"The Dals are arguing among themselves what they should do, the Sags don't talk
much and I don't know what they're saying anyway, the United Planets are trying
to contact Sag, and have been unsuccessful."


That was not surprising.
The Sagirs we'd met in the past years did not communicate.
Outside of Gye the first and Priam the Chef, they could go months without
recognising our existence.

"You haven't been able to translate more of the Sag chat?" I asked.

"Well a word here and there...but..they ain't sending least not over
any channel I can find..." Ian gave.

"How long has the war been going on in real time?" I ask.

"I make it about eighty two hours from the Sags blowing the first Dal ship until the
last message from U.P."

I mused until Ian asked; "What you think the next gambit will be?"

"Well, they're using the Invictus for Defense, I don't think that's going to change.
They'll probably hit a few more stray Dalmar ships. But I'm betting on Sags
blockading Dalmar."

"Yeah.. guess that's where 'Dalmar hitting the granaries' thingy came in..."

"Yeah." I replied.

"Y'know, Boss, Sagir has always been blockaded, in a real sense, so they have
to have it all going on down there. But Dalmar always ruled space, so, I bet they'll
be eating rats..."

And he laughed.


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