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Check if your article is unique

Updated on December 7, 2010

So the other day I was really bored, and I tough to myself, why not program something cool, maybe something I can use and others can use as well. No the first time I wrote a hub, to be honest I took one of those packages who claims to have like one million PLR articles, but the thing is, they are not original articles, so I started to wonder, how many people have posted this somewhere, and how relevant are this articles?, is there a way to really know how?

So I don´t know how accurate is this tool I programmed myself, but it found pretty much like 3 to 10 links for every single article in the PLR super article collection, so what's the point of having tons of articles if the are not unique articles? after all, content is the king isn't it?, even hubpages wont let you publish a hub which is not 100% original, ask me! the first hub I ever made was not original, since then I've been writing only original stuff.

So, however if you really like one article and want to know if there is somewhere out in the internet you can go ahead and use my software, FOUND HERE really easy to use, just input a peace of your article and then it will give you links if it finds any.

Well I hope you find this tool usefull, and never post duplicate content ever.


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