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Chicklit and Romance From the 'Shopaholic' Author: ‘Remember Me’ by Sophie Kinsella:

Updated on August 8, 2012

Are you a secret romance novel addict? Do you wolf down books that feature men with big man-boobs on the cover and flowing fiery locks, giving off a rather Viking vibe? Or maybe you class yourself as more of a classy chick-lit reader, going for tales of credit-strapped lasses with a taste for expensive cocktails and dubious men, who always win through to their happy ending some way and some how in the end.

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When it comes to chick lit one of the most proficient and prolific writers in the area surely has to be Sophie Kinsella, author of the celebrated ‘Shopaholic’ series of novels, published by Black Swan. Although this is her most famous series of books, she has also written others, including ‘Remember Me’, published in 2008.

Now, it may be a warning for some if I state up front that ‘Remember Me’ – somewhat unsurprisingly, given the title – is based around that old traditional stand-by of romance novels, the convenient bout of amnesia. Our (rather delightful, admittedly) heroine is Lexi, short for Alexis, a physically imperfect, disorganised, friendly and life-loving young woman with an unsatisfactory job and a still more unsatisfactory boyfriend.

But one day, Lexi wakes up – in a hospital bed – to find herself three years older than she should be. Not only that, but she has no memory whatsoever of the previous three years. Not only that, but her relationship with her old friends and her family appears to have altered drastically in that time. Is that all? No, she’s married too!

How can one girl cope with all of this? Will her memory ever come back? And just who is her brand-new husband’s business partner, who seems to know her really much too well? If you love chick lit with more than one hero to choose from and a touch of mystery, then 'Remember Me' could be a great choice for you.


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