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Funny Kids Messing With Our Minds

Updated on March 14, 2016
I can just see Noah thinking, "I really wish he would let go of me so I can go get into some more things."
I can just see Noah thinking, "I really wish he would let go of me so I can go get into some more things." | Source

My children, over the years, have said some very strange and funny things. They usually come out of the blue, leaving us speechless, shaking our heads in disbelief, or rolling on the floor laughing. We have always said that they were messing with our minds. Now my grandchildren are starting in on us. We are looking forward to some gems.

David is our smart mouth child. When he was 2, we were visiting my mom and dad and David was into everything. As we were leaving, David was out the door, Dennis following and my dad behind them. As Dennis got to the steps, he told David that if he didn't straighten out, he was going to send him to the child abuse center. David turned around and looked, considering his father for a moment, turned his back to his father and then he popped himself on the bottom and goes sauntering off. My dad lost it and my husband had to rescue him from the daffodil bed that he fell into. They were both laughing so hard that the neighbors were looking at them strange. That is our boy though. Irrepressible to the end.

Gracie with attitude
Gracie with attitude | Source

When our sons were about 3 and 4, we moved. The first few days, we did our best to put things where they belonged. My husband set up his office, he worked at home often. He was sitting in his office one morning, trying to wake up, when Rodger wandered in. The 4 year old looked at him and asked him if he had seen his blanket and teddy bear. Then without waiting for an answer pops up with "They can't just get up and walk away, they aren't alive." He wandered off, leaving his dad, still in a foggy state, totally bemused.

Just a few minutes later, his 3 year old brother wanders in. His gem for the morning, was to knock on the top of his head, asking "Knock, knock, anyone home?" Immediately he answered himself, "Nope, no one home."

This, added to his brother's comment, left my poor husband wondering if he was still dreaming. He commented to me later, that he thought they were trying to mess him up. This was one of those shaking your head moments.

Our daughter, Katy, who writes as Katy Katz, has been raised around her smart aleck brothers. She is 9 years younger than one and 10 years younger than the other. They have always picked on her and at her. She has held her own though. I occasionally had to get after them to lighten up on her. Now they warn their friends not to go there when they start picking at her. She can and will land zingers that can leave their friends crying. She isn't cruel because she warns them to leave her alone first.

One day we were sitting at the table, eating lunch. She was 2 years old at the time. Rodger was picking on her and teasing her. He adored his little sister so it was not in spite. Rodger at the time, wore a size 13 shoe. He was only 13, so it was a huge size for someone that age. He was picking at her and she was getting mad at him. Suddenly, she looked at him and said with a very intense look on her face, "Be quiet or I'm going to nail your feet to the floor." We were all sitting there half in shock, when another gem pops out. With total disgust, she said, "Oh, never mind, I don't have enough nails." We sat a moment in shock and then all but Rodger, fell out of our chairs laughing. He looked like he was going to cry.

Hayden was leaning on his 3 year old sister's head. Moments after this was taken, she threw him on the floor and sat on him. He really needs to learn not to pick on his little sisters.
Hayden was leaning on his 3 year old sister's head. Moments after this was taken, she threw him on the floor and sat on him. He really needs to learn not to pick on his little sisters. | Source

It seems to be moving down the line into the next generation. We picked our grandson Hayden up and were taking him to our house. We were stopped at a stop light, where some paint had spilled out, splattering all over the road. He looked at this big splotch of white paint on the road, and what popped into that irreverent head? "Did Big Bird take a crap on the road?"

I am eagerly awaiting the next little gem. I have gotten older now and don't remember them all but they always amuse me.

Please remember to vote. I really appreciate the comments that I get on my hubs. They help me see if I am writing useful, interesting, informative hubs. If you would like to use information on these, please ask and please attribute. This is copyrighted work.

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