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Children's Series to Read p2

Updated on September 23, 2019
Aidan Catriel profile image

Bob Vance read, on average, one full novel a day as a child. He's got a pretty big list in his head, and he wants to share it.

#6: Geronimo Stilton

Geronimo Stilton is an anthropomorphic mouse living in New Mouse City. As a reporter for 'The Rodent's Gazette', he finds himself in the middle of amazing stories with his cousin Trap, sister Thea and nephew Benjamin. He's a mild-mannered rodent, however, who really could do without all the adventures.

While Geronimo Stilton books are rather small, there are over two hundred of them in various series. In addition, there is an animated series loosely based on the books.

#7: I Funny

Bullied middle-schooler Jamie Grimm wants to be the world's greatest stand-up comedian, but there's one problem; he can't stand. A tragic car accident took his family and lower body movement away from him, but Jamie won't let that get in his way. From local to international, he's going to make everyone laugh.

With six medium-sized books, the I Funny series isn't terribly long. It is, however, very funny.

#8: Redwall

Redwall Abbey is populated by woodland creatures. Mice, squirrels, rabbits and more live in harmony. However, evil stoats, rats and weasels threaten their peaceful way of life, and they must fight to keep what they love. The stories, put together, form a beautiful saga spanning years, and the entire world of Redwall.

The complete series has 23 books, telling one beautiful story. It'll keep any preteen busy for months.

#9: Big Nate

Originally a comic strip, Big Nate tells the story of Nate Wright; sixth grader, cartoonist, star soccer player and all-round awesome guy, but not very humble. It follows his misadventures over Public School 38, along with his best friends Teddy and Francis.

Eight novels and 30 comic collections is a lot of reading material. Perfect for a rainy day.

#10: The Unwanteds

On the island of Quill, thirteen-year-olds are sorted into two main categories: strong, intelligent Wanteds go to university, while the artistic unwanteds are sent to their deaths. But when Alex Stowe is decreed an Unwanted and faces the Eliminators, he meets the magician named Mr. Today, and is brought to a hidden world. In it, the Unwanteds use their creativity to create amazing artifacts... or weapons.

With only four books, The Unwanteds is the smallest series in this list. Still, each book is about four hundred pages. 1600 pages, 200 words per minute, 275 words a page... that's almost forty hours of silence. Still pretty good.

Which series do you want to read the most?

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