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Chivs86 Poetry & Lyrics - In the Red.

Updated on September 13, 2013

Chivs86 Poetry – In the Red.

He makes work they say for the idle.
The guy they warn you about
in the bible
with two horns.
Who’s pure
- evil –
because inside all he wants...

Is to see you fail!

when you’re doing well,

and looking after yourself -
out of the darkeness
because he wants to see you in hell!

Because doing good things
has to be the last thing
he ever wants to hear.

When he wants to ruin your career! take your tear drops
with him as a souvenir.

So you might go
drink a few beers.

Turn completely psycho.

Fall under his control

without any hope
lost and alone
and go back to his home

where the worst Demons roam!

In his terror dome
with a dungeon for your soul.
No place quite like it...
a fire pit.
So please stop and think
before you sin again,
because this aint no place
for visiting friends.

No place quite like it...

torture and dread
for the living dead.

Courtesy of the villain in red

A place where you'll pay the price
to the pest
to the pest
For every temptation
you let take the best...

years of your life.
Years that you deceived, and told lies.

He'll make you pay for your sins
PAY for every bad thing that you did.
So take your time to repent
in time for your eternal rest.

About this Poem;

For this edition of Chivs86 Poetry & Lyrics I have wrote about the devil, inner demons, and the reality of hell. An inspired piece I'd say, as it reflects my current personal feelings. Basically because I've stopped drinking after quite a bad spell. Something I've done before, and something I know the devil doesn't like. People fighting their demons.

A crazy notion, but in the past I've always felt that when I've tried to fight my demons - they've always fought back. For an example an old friend turns up out the blue, and convinces me to have a drink. That's happened a few times, and I've always felt like that's the devil in disguise.

Today I woke up with a real optimism about the future, I check my sales, and just like that I'm dealt the blow of misfortune. Everything is lost. Probably just a coincidence, but I think of the story when Jesus cast himself out in the desert for 40 days and 40 nights. The part when the devil offers a hungry, and thirsty Jesus bread, and water. I mean I think of the part before. Of the devil doing whatever he can to make Jesus even more hungry, and thirsty.

So coming to a conclusion, thinking of the phrase "the Devil makes work for idled thumbs" was the catalyst for this poem. Idle being my usual sinful behavior. Drinking, carelessly gambling, treating people badly etc. The Devils work. Work if you don't do - he'll try to push you. Try to make you snap back into doing his bidding. That's basically how i'd describe this poem.

Jesus in the wilderness.


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