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Chivs86-Poetry & Lyrics - M.S In a Bottle.

Updated on January 6, 2013


You never know. (x2)
Like a message sent in a bottle.
Where abouts it's gonna go.

Your life's work.
What it's future will hold.
In the place it shows up at.

What lyes in store...


For the words written
that'll float across many oceans.
To where exactly no one knows,

Really for sure. Only that

if it does reach someone
on the sea shore...


That they can be sure
to note.
How out of nowhere
it might seem. To find.

A message sent in a bottle.
A past life in a shell.
like it aint impossible.


Like nothing ever is.
So nevermind this
living a life of hesitance.

Just continue to wish...
for an outcome,
From the bottle that drifts...


Off into the sunset,
and further,
and further, away from the ship.

You never know far it might get.

This life that we'll live.
or what to expect.


Which is all the same really
if you think of it
as an old bottle on the beach
with a letter in.


Seeing as You can't predict it,
but still -
You can kind a get a picture of -

these last moments spent;
Before this letter was sent -
from the hands of the wishful fisherman.


A message sent in a bottle.
A past life in a shell,
like nothing is impossible.


Cos no matter how far out
that it might seem.
Anything in life's a possibility.
and there's just a thin line
that is there in between
the dream,
and getting it out to cross the seas.


Like a message sent in a bottle.
that could go anywhere
in this world that it please's.

Anywhere. Even Antartica or Egypt
Anywhere, and there's no reason


That this message sent in a bottle
won't overcome all, and any obstacles.

This message sent in a bottle.
Your lifes work.
Won't find its way around the earth.


because this message sent in a bottle
it represents 'nothing is impossible'.

So keep on doing all what you got to do
and maybe like - this glass bottle.
you might just see it through.


Inspiration and Original Idea.

My initial concept behindthis poem was about a message sent in a bottle, representative of an individuals work (Music, Writing, Art etc.) being passed on to different people around the world. Which alike the capsule could in theory end up anywhere. Something also I believe to be representive of endless possibilities.

My inspiration to write this poem though came after reading my Edgar Allan Poe book, and one of the short stories it featured. A story of the same name - M.S in a Bottle. Which actually is in short Manu.script in a bottle, where as mine is Message. Sent in a Bottle. So not exactly the same, but i would say my thought behind this poem does originate from the moment that the bottle is thrown into the sea, in this book. Before the main character is washed away in a shipwreck.


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