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Chocolate Chip Cookies and Gatorade

Updated on November 26, 2012

The Last Of The Groceries In The Fridge...Make For A Great Way To Start The Day !

I woke up this morning…I knew I had it made,

When I pulled out my Chocolate Chip Cookies & Gatorade!

My life sucks at present…I guess I’m all depressed,

I look all around me…and my house is a “dog-gone” mess.

My girl left me, and my boss is always mad,

But right now, I have just two little things in my hands to help make me glad!

Those Chocolate Chip Cookies and Gatorade…

They are all I have left in the fridge…and strangely all I crave.

My tongue is dragging, and my head is pounding hard,

Looks like its’ raining…At least that will help the yard.

I guess I woke up sulking-with one foot planted in a grave,

But I can’t stop eating these Chocolate Chip Cookies, and drinking Gatorade.

When the sun comes back out…I think I’ll be just fine,

Or perhaps by then…I’ll have already lost my mind,

One thing they will say should I exit off the stage…“At least he died smiling”.

Maybe I’ll leave Chocolate Chip breath on the phone…where I lay dialing.

Laying here ½ on the floor, I see I am eating good according to my meal’s nutrition label,

In my moodiness, I tell myself, “What a feast I have before me here on my coffee table!”

A fun time on a Saturday…What is that anyway?

I take a chug of Gatorade…I wish I had more delightful things to say.

For another great day on this Earth…

I think I’ll go back to bed…for all it’s worth,

Then a song comes on the radio that I’ve been wanting to hear played,

I start enjoying this morning a little more…Got to have more Chocolate Chip Cookies and Gatorade!

I am again rejuvenated… ‘cause life is fleeting, but mostly a real pain,

Can’t let these walls close in on me…or I might go insane.

I feel the Sugar "kick-in"...and get a nice “Sports Drink” buzz,

Can’t remember why I was so down anyways...or that I ever was.

Then it hits me, and I get all aggravated, and give the sofa a real swift kick,

Now my foot hurts…I think I broke it…Guess I’ll have to call in Monday sick.

All my money’s down to nothing…and this, my last groceries will soon be gone,

But I’m munching Chocolate Chip Cookies, Swigging more Gatorade…While

listening to this really great song!


Dedicated to a "not-great" Saturday morning that I can look back and laugh at…now!

(Summer 2007)

Copyright © 2009 All Rights Reserved for: "Chocolate Chip Cookies and Gatorade"


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