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Chocolate Goop

Updated on January 1, 2018

At three o'clock in the morning Jimmy was laying in his bed wide awake. He could fall asleep fairly quickly on any other night but with the massive amounts of sugar flowing through his body it was guaranteed he would remain awake for awhile. He's an eight year old with an incredible appetite. He could eat dinner followed by desert and then sit down in front of the TV watching his favorite show while eating a whole bag of chips. He really enjoyed the sweets a lot more then anything else though. He would always ask his mom for a candy bar if she was going to the store. In fact the reason for his insomnia was 3 candy bars and a big glass of soda pop. He ate all of this just a few hours ago while playing his favorite video game, Space Warriors! It was a game where the player shot aliens with different weapons. He defeated it twice already but he loved it so much he could play through it many more times.

Being such a heavy eater it's no surprise that he's a little chubby. He went to the doctors for a checkup a few weeks ago and the doctor told his mom that he had to lose some weight. His current weight was 125 pounds. That’s double what the average weight for an eight year old boy should be. She would always promise the doctor she would try to help him lose weight but as soon as they got home she would never even try. Most of the time she wasn't even home as her job required her to be at work for most of the day. Jimmy's dad ran out on them when he was 2 years old. She just tells Jimmy that his dad ran away with the circus but the truth is she doesn't know where he is nor does she care. Her neighbor Trisha comes over and takes Jimmy to school everyday and helps keep the place clean. They lived in a small apartment which was cheap but it was all they needed. Speaking of school that was one thing Jimmy always dreaded. He actually liked school for the learning but he absolutely hated it because of all the bullies he had. Every day he would get picked on for his weight. They would call him names and throw things at him. These bullies were always very cruel to him. But at least he had his video games and chocolate!

So now here he is at three AM just laying there thinking about the horrors at school. He really didn't want to go the next day but he knew he would have to. He was staring out the window looking at the stars. He saw the huge red star Betelgeuse. Jimmy liked watching TV shows about space. He was amazed by it every time it was on. He always wished he could fly to all of the stars and see them close up. Fly all around the Milky way galaxy. Thinking about that word Milky way made Jimmy hungry for a candy bar. His mom had purchased a pack of Milky ways and put them in the fridge. One more candy bar wouldn't hurt he thought. Besides it would help him feel better by getting his mind off of the approaching school of doom the next day. He could even get a drink of soda pop to wash it down! If only he could drag himself out of his bed though.

“I want that candy bar!” He said as he got up out of his race car bed.

He walked over to his bedroom door and opened it just a crack. He was listening just to make sure his mother was sleeping. He knew she would yell at him if she caught him sneaking into the kitchen eating another goodie. It was very quiet in the apartment. Jimmy then remembered that his mom had to work that night. She wasn't even home! He was now in the clear to get his hands on that chocolate. Making his way out of his room he stepped on his toy car he left on the ground.

“Ouch!” The little boy screamed. Kicking his toy off to the side he continued through the living room. The couch was a mess with small chocolate stains on it. A blanket lay on the back of it which Jimmy used to keep him warm when he was watching the TV. Heading into the kitchen the fridge was just off to the right. He opened it up and looked around. There was beer on the top shelf which his mom would binge on every Saturday night. On the middle shelf was some left over cabbage rolls and some milk. The bottom shelf held a large birthday cake his mother bought from the store just to eat. It doesn't have to be someones birthday in order to enjoy a cake! At least that what his mom always said. There was some baking soda in the back. Where are the candy bars he thought to himself. He looked at the door and saw a lot of condiments and a bottle of soda pop. He grabbed the bottle and put in on the counter. Looking back in the fridge he just knew those goodies were in there somewhere.

“The bottom draws!” he shouted. Opening the draws he saw them! Hidden under the vegetables was a pack of Milky ways! He put the pack on the counter next to the pop.

Grabbing a chair from the across the room he placed it right in front of the counter where the treats were at. He jumped up and sat down hard into the chair. Opening the pack he took the first candy bar out. He bit into it and the sweet chocolaty taste was oh so good! He finished the first bar very quickly. There was 5 more candy bars in the pack and he was very tempted to eat them all. He decided to take one more out. One more won't hurt he thought to himself. He finished the second bar in no time. He was beginning to feel the sugar rush coming on. He now had so much energy! He looked down at the pack a candy bars again. There was 4 more bars left.

“I'm going to eat them all!” He decided. He pulled the rest of the treats out and laid them on the counter. Right beside him was a knife, which he grabbed, and chopped all of the bars up into smaller pieces. He tossed the knife over to the sink but he missed and it fell on the floor.

“I'll get it later.” He then devoured the rest of the candy! It sort of looked like the cookie monster eating cookies! Just without the weird NOM NOM NOM sound!

Sitting there in the chair Jimmy was now stuffed. The sugar rush now turned into something that made him feel really sleepy. Before he went back to bed he had to get a quick drink of pop. He looked around for a cup but there was none near him. He walked over to the Cabinet to get one but it ended up being empty.

“They are all dirty” he said looking at the sink. Remembering the glass he left in the bathroom on the sink earlier he ran to grab it. He stood at the door to the bathroom and looked in. It was very dark and the light bulb had burnt out. Making his way to the sink he blindly felt around for the glass.

“There it is!” Picking it up he glanced out the bathroom window which was to the left of the sink. The window was much to high for him to look out but he could see the night sky through it. The moon was out and shinning brightly.

“One day I'm gonna fly to the moon” he thought to himself. Turning around to leave he heard a strange sloshing sound coming from the ally just outside the window.

“What was that?” Getting closer to the window he started to listen.

Slusssssh! Squissh!

He moved back from the window and tried to look out and see what it was. Still to short he started to jump. Still not able to look out he ran to the kitchen to grab the chair he was sitting on. He brought it to the bathroom and set it in front of the window. Stepping up on the chair he looked out the window. It was dark outside but Jimmy could see the ally as there was a light hanging on the building shinning directly on it. He looked down and saw a strange goop puddle in the ally. He couldn't take his eyes off of it. “What is that?” He wondered. It started to bubble. This made a slush sound and then a squish. That explained where those sounds were coming from but now he was wondering what that goop was. Steam started to come from the slop. Then a huge bubble popped out. Jimmy's stomach started to feel funny from all of the sweets. It made a gurgling sound. Holding his gut he looked back outside and at the goop. A large slimy black arm came up out of the muck! Then another! They both grabbed onto the ally and started to pull whatever was down there up! Jimmy ducked down and crouched on the chair. He was a little shocked at what he had just seen. Slowly raising back up he peaked out the window.

Standing right beside the goop puddle was a massive seven foot tall slimy black monster! It had one eye and a huge mouth! Jimmy crouched back down in the chair. He was really scared now. Here he was home alone full of candy with a huge monster outside! All he wanted to do was enjoy some goodies and go to sleep but now sleep was the last thing on his mind. Slowly getting back up to peak outside the window Jimmy heard nothing but silence. He looked out and saw that the monster wasn't there anymore. The goop puddle was gone to. Did he just imagine the whole thing? Then he heard it again. Slush! Squish! Looking to the left out the window he sees the slimy beast walking up the ally. He felt like running away back to his room and hiding under his bed but he couldn't move. He was frozen on that chair staring out the window. All of a sudden the beast stopped walking. It quickly glanced up at the window Jimmy was looking out of and saw him standing there! It's One eye was fixated on the small boy. Jimmy really wanted to run at this moment but he still couldn't move. The slimy goop monster let out a strange moan as it opened it huge mouth. There was sharp pointy teeth in there with a long pointy red tongue! Jimmy got a good look at this and screamed as loud as he could. Not frozen with fear anymore he ran into his room and ducked under his race car bed.

For what seemed like an eternity Jimmy continued to hide under the bed. His stomach began to gargle again.

“I have to go to the bathroom.” He was still very scared but he managed to pull himself out from under the race car bed. He was going to be really quick in the bathroom then run back to his race car. He made his way past the couch in the living room and looked in the bathroom which was just to the left of the kitchen. He walked up to the chair and climbed back up onto it. Peaking out the window he could not see a thing. The light in the ally had gone out.

Could the monster have broken it?” He thought to himself. At that moment he heard it! Slush! Squish! It was the beast and it was right outside his apartment door! Jimmy panicked and ran into the kitchen. He hid on the other side of the fridge. He looked down and saw the knife on the ground. Picking it up he held it close to his body as he heard the monster smash his doorway down!

Slush! Squish! Jimmy heard these sounds as the monster crept forward. There was a crash in the living room and Jimmy knew he was getting close. He peaked around the fridge and saw the huge black slimy monstrosity enter into the bathroom. This is where it saw Jimmy so it probably thought he was still in there. The boy ran as fast as he could into the living room. The beast had knocked over the TV. It was smashed on the floor. This brought a tear to Jimmy's eyes and he thought he would never be able to see his favorite show again. He snapped out of it and ran toward his room. He jumped and slid under the bed without hesitation. He had protection this time though since he still had the knife. He started to think he should have just ran out the front door that the beast knocked down. He began to feel a little dumb. The monster then sloshed it's way out of the bath room and made it's way into the kitchen. Jimmy noticed a black slimy trail it was leaving behind as it moved. He knew it was now or never because the monster would surly come into his room next and look under the bed.

Climbing out from under the bed Jimmy ran into the living room and made a left to where the front door was. To his horror the monster had somehow glued the door it just broke down back onto the entrance. There was black goop all over it holding it in place. Slush! Squish! The monster was coming back into the living room. Not knowing what to do Jimmy ran into the closet just opposite the entrance. He closed the door and sat there very quietly. The closet door had a glass window in it so he could see his mistake. In his rush he had dropped the knife on the floor in front of the glued door. He thought for sure the monster would see it but it didn't. Instead the goop beast entered his bedroom. Jimmy opened the closet door and crawled over to the knife. He grabbed it and crawled back into the closet. He could hear the monster destroying his room. Slush! Squish! The monster was coming back out to the living room. Jimmy grabbed a blanket and covered himself up with it. It was dark in the closet and he was hoping the blanket would help him hide. Peaking out from the blanket he could see the slimy monster standing right outside the closet door. It was looking at the entrance to the apartment. The monster began to remove the door it had glued earlier. Jimmy was in luck! The beast was going to leave and he would be safe again!

At that moment a very loud gurgling sound exploded out from Jimmy's stomach. The candy bars he ate earlier were reminding him of his gluttony. The monster spun around and stared at the closet. It made a strange groaning sound that sounded like it was hungry. The beast then broke down the closet door.

Slush! Squish! Chomp!

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