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key of Happiness

Updated on July 19, 2019

Happy moments

Celebration of happiness
Celebration of happiness
New year celebration
New year celebration

How You Will Be Happy?

Everyone has a choice to be happy or sad. I believe that, I have also power in my life as I had a choice! Not only do I have a power to choose my actins, but also to choose thoughts and moods. Everyone has likes and dislikes or highs and lows of life.Which gives us happiness or sadness.

You can also think that nobody can make me angry as nobody can make me to have anything else. I always use to experience my anger. When an upsetting event occurs, I always was selecting my reply to that. It can be a anger or irritation, or will it be acceptance or forgiveness.

Whenever I found myself as feeling lows or down, I know that is my choice of being sad. I can make conscious decision to change my feelings, to convert my anger into calmness.

Have you felt that many a times other people use to hurt you a lot depending upon occasions? Actually they are simply acting in the way they choose to act. You accept it as a hurt or you feel that it is a hurt or anger or emotions, So called energy in motion.

I can simply accept what is in my environment and change my attitude, behavior. If I prefer blue sky to grey, I can feel or choose the whether as grumpy. So I can enjoy that day.

My friend with whom I shared this information or my thoughts told me about how this formula worked for her.

She was very unhappy with what she had. I suggested her formula of happiness. She called me and told me that it really works!

She was feeling depressed and then she made a choice to feel happy & thankful for being alive, and instantly her mood changed. As she done, so can you?

Think Happy

Basic formula behind happiness is all about your thoughts, because your thoughts have a direct influence on your mind, your feelings & then your behavior. If you tend to dwell on sad or negative thoughts, you are not happy person.

Likewise if you think positive towards life then you will be happy.

e.g. If you think that your job is enough to give you a headache, you probably will come to home with troubling thoughts each day. But If you leave those thoughts in office & come to home with fresh & relaxed mind you will be happy.

All about imagination, it is a powerful tool to deal with stress, tension, anxiety. This technique you can adopt. It does not take long time to deal with this problem, but few weeks.

Try t o improve your imagination power & energy of visualization towards your moods & thoughts.

You can try at morning or before you feel asleep, with practice you will be able to visualize whenever and whenever need arises. So imagination, visualizations are the things which involves an image of happiness, relaxation.

Kernel of Happiness-contentment

Contentment means happiness. So many people have highlighted the importance of contentment in our lives. Kabir highlighted that in Indian culture, how to be content in any situation. But truly speaking today we all are not happy with our earnings, our families, spouse, aging parents & so…..

Do you realize the reason behind this?......Much of the stress in our lives …and is the reason of inability to be content with what we have.

Parents do expects much more from their children. So the natural & healthy growth of children is hampered. Nobody thinks that child is a gift of God and we should allow them to grow as they wish, like sapling. As all the saplings do not grow with same height, nor they produce flowers of same size & shape. As stream starts to flow in mountains freely, with it’s own course in life. So it is very necessary to allow children, to let her enjoy life rather to allow children, to let her enjoy life rather to tease them to do what she does not like!


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