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Choosing a Perfect Time to Write your Articles

Updated on December 26, 2013

Choosing an appropriate time to write can inspire and improve your writing skills profoundly. First of all in choosing an appropriate time of writing you should be able to assess yourself to find out what really inspires you. Understanding your topic and your own style of writing or pattern in which you prefer to put your ideas can help you to choose the appropriate time to write. All writers have a different time or period that helps them to churn out lots of ideas. The truth is that no matter what time you choose or prefer to write be it at dawn or during the day, each time has its own advantages and disadvantages. Understanding your content and style of writing, will help you therefore to determine the time which best suits or helps your thinking.

Writing at Dawn

Most writers would prefer writing at dawn where they can connect with the inner self and churn out more ideas. At dawn, you are mostly free from all other daily activities that can disrupt your focus on the work. There is no one to converse with and no phone calls to break your concentration. You can have your privacy as well as the appropriate silence required for you to write as much as you want without any interruption. You know that people are usually connected to their surroundings and the people around them. In other words the people around us that naturally influence our thought pattern at some point in writing can make you experience a writer’s block because you are not sure which side of yourself to connect to. You are not so sure which inner voice you would feel comfortable to speak with. *One thing that makes writing at dawn very productive is that, as the people (your major influences) sleep, you get to have much control over yourself and your thoughts. You can press your own buttons and it becomes easier for you to break away – psychologically from the people around you- and think like yourself. You can keep to yourself and think in the direction that you wish to think. You are less influenced psychologically by people around you or friends and society. *During this time when every place is quiet. You can really hear the inner silent voice with much clarity sometimes even very loud. You can really debate with yourself

Writing during the Day

Some writers may prefer to have a good night’s sleep and rather write during the day which could be further categorized into morning, afternoon and evening. Some writers prefer early in the morning after they have woken up from a good night’s sleep and when the mind is still fresh and pregnant with ideas.

This period of writing is good when you do not have any other work or activities that you will need to attend to in the morning. It's also suitable for writers who have the opportunity of living at a quiet and less noisy place where you wouldn’t have any noisy interference or disturbance. Others of course may also still prefer the afternoon or the evening. Personally, in the Afternoons and evening, my thoughts are not so much controlled as when writing at dawn. In other words, during the afternoon, when I am not really at home behind my writing pad or computer I am exposed to so many interesting experiences that readily generates ideas of all sorts which I find interesting to write about. During such period it’s like your mind knows no limit as to what topic ideas to derive. For most professional writers your natural antennas peak so much that it easily picks or absorbs ideas from around you all the time even on the go. Normally these ideas come in bits. The afternoon’s are a great times for me to gather bits of ideas that I can later connect to form full articles. One disadvantage associated with this is that after being able to gather so many ideas, sometimes you may find it difficult to arrange them. As you continue to have new ideas, the old idea bits become boring to attend to. Sometimes you may have so many bits of incomplete ideas that it even becomes difficult connect them appropriately.

Waiting for Inspiration to Come

Most of all some writers may not have any particular time of writing at all- they simply put down their thoughts as the ideas occur to them or when the inspiration comes. And they would connect the ideas later to form articles. Waiting for inspiration]

In fact the writing becomes much more interesting when you wait for inspiration.

You know that it’s natural that other writers have to wait for the inspiration to write before they do. You will have more words to write to support your ideas. You may only sometimes not be able to stop writing because the idea is so fresh on your mind that you can’t stop thinking about it. Especially when the idea occurs to you in the afternoon where you have lots of other things to do or when you are busily doing something. You will be well advised to keep a notepad or preferably an audio recorder to put down your ideas on the go.

Choosing a Perfect Time to Write.

Creative writing presents one of the rear moments that most writers are able to come face to face with themselves. It presents one the time that he or she can naturally server all psychological and emotional connections and be able to tap into your true feelings and your strength. This is why choosing an appropriate time and place to write is very important in helping you to really disconnect you from your surroundings and other influences. Whether you prefer writing at dawn or the day, the best time for any writer is the time that the writer personally can perceives or really feel alone in the universe. A time that permits them to embrace solitudness and subject themselves to a prolonged isolation which allows them to prime the mind to discover knowledge and achieve enlightenment.

As mentioned previously, before you can choose a perfect time to write, you should first of all know and understand the kind of content that you are doing. It could influence your out come and even your thought pattern profoundly.

Please feel free to give your comment and suggestions below. You can also contact me if you want to write articles for your blogs, website or for any proof reading service. Contact me for also advice and tutorials on SEO or how you can upgrade your website in order to gain more traffic.

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