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Choosing a Path in Life

Updated on May 7, 2017

We sometimes lost in our way

But I know in the end of day

We will come up with a conclusion

Be able to decide about our destination

We are free to choose on where to go

We can choose our path or go with the crowd’s flow

We can be everybody’s foe

We can choose to continually grow

In choosing your path you set the limitations

Be hindered by others opinion or rules of the nations

To listen to everybody’s noise

Is really a matter of your choice

Some choose to be an evildoer

But there are too many risk to encounter

The consequences of one’s action

Should be faced without hesitation

In choosing your path proceed with caution

It is true that you’re free to make your own decision

But if violated others’ dreams and passion

Will lead to major consequences of your action

You can make the decision alone or seek others help

It is okay to admit that you are weak to yourself

Ask elders for advice

Because of their experience they are wise

If you want to venture life alone

It is okay if your desire is as hard as stone

Go on and be tough in searching for what you seek

Just don’t overpower the weak

We are free to make our own decision

But we need to face the consequences of our action

If we really want to arrive at our desired destination

We should move forward and let go of our hesitation


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