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Christmas Hopes

Updated on November 11, 2015

Changed times.

now my kids are getting older

their requests for gifts are expensive and bolder.

things costing £500 pounds

it's as scary as it sounds.

when they were younger,life was less demanding

now it's the best,top gear and branding.

laptops,tablets,desktops and more

expensive and shocking,but who's keeping score.

i still love first thing when I see their faces

they tear through the paper,no airs or graces.

happiness grows all over their face

then we know it was worth the chase.

as the hype settles down,I make Christmas dinner

we like our traditional food,no chance of getting thinner.

i think of myself as a pretty good cook

i use all my recipes,nothing from a book.

my girls love their food,they tuck in till its away

they sit full up,looking like they will burst

then it's glasses of juice to quench the thirst.

it's a genuine time of happiness and satisfaction

i hope I inspire them,even if it's a fraction.

christmas dinner,family time

is disappearing fast,it is a crime.

technology takes precedence,people just don't talk

rather answer texts and go for a walk.

i make a point of sitting at the table

it's not much to ask,we are all ready and able.

we sit,we eat,we chat we laugh

christmas tradition,the occasional gaff.

i don't allow phones while eating at the table

old fashioned Christmas without the label.

after filling up ,we sit on the couch

definitely at time to sit and slouch.

once dinner settles,might have a drink

washes dinner down lovely,no need to think.

get a bit tipsy,worries are pushed aside

christmas traditions I will always abide.

christmas is a time for family and love

all the emotions fit like a glove.

Dedicate time.

my mum always believed in making time to have a family dinner on Christmas Day.she used to say,if we don't keep up traditions no one would.i try my best each year to get my family round the table,and have a big Christmas Dinner.we all need to make time for family,all too often technology and modern life destroy have so much pressure on them they genuinely get tense at the thought of missing texts or Facebook notifications.its a sad indictment of modern day that technology is replacing ever good thing passed through the generations.if we don't keep them,who will.

Time for Fun.

My best day.

Christmas Day has to be my best day of the year.i love the look on my kids faces as they open the presents and realise I was kidding all year ,about not being able to afford the thing they wanted.the glow is palpable,and very prevalent.its without a doubt the best feeling in the money or gifts can overtake the feeling I get seeing my kids happy on Christmas Day.


Gift at all costs.

these people are dedicated to say the least.i knew a lady years ago who camped outside a local supermarket for two days,just to get one of the first Teletubbies released.Slept in the snow and freezing temperatures.she was either dedicated,or slightly deranged,I'm still unsure what she was.i know no matter what I could not sleep outside for any gift,I don't think any gift is worth that might sound miserable or selfish,but I cannot envisage me ever sitting outside a shop for however many days to get a present the child will discard after a few weeks or maybe even is too short for retail madness.

Video time.

when my kids were very young my wife would sit in the living room,then I would enter with the girls.once they saw the amount of gifts the look on their faces were priceless.those were truly magical times I yearn for again,sadly Christmas magic tends to go away the older your kids's still a wonderful time to have with my family,but as wee kids the magic of Santa visiting truly filled them with anticipation and nerves.wondering if they made Santas good list or bad.

Minute after minute.

turkey,veg,potatoes and peas

second helping if you please

cakes and pastries,custard and rice

each so tempting,tasty and nice.

full to burst,sleepy but glad

eating all that food,must be mad.

once a year,we all eat to excess

greed not a bad thing,sweet tooth I confess.

i love chocolate,the occasional cake

even happier when I get to bake.

Futures Looking Goid.

I hope and pray my kids keep up the traditional Christmas theme.even when my wife and I are old and grey,I hope we get the invitation now and again,to their houses for the BIG family dinner.even if the tradition still ends up in my home.each year I would gladly do all the cooking and's one time of the year I do love to cook and make everyone happy.long may it continue.

Favourite time of the year.

Keep Christmas real.

Does Christmas look set to go extinct?

See results

Kids Make It Special.

i reckon Christmas would be pretty dull without the kids.i would inevitably sit bored,cook a small meal and watch TV.when I think of the laughs over the years I've had with the girls,it's been a journey of craziness,laughter,tears, was unstoppable at one point.god bless the kids.


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    • bigj1969 profile image

      John Marshall 3 years ago from glasgow

      Thanks Ericdierker,and Best of Aying,hope you both have a wonderfull Christmas and a prosperous new year.

    • Ericdierker profile image

      Eric Dierker 3 years ago from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A.

      A great story told in rhyme. I hope you have a very merry Christmas this year. Hold those traditions dear they sound wonderful.

    • Best of Aying profile image

      Best of Aying 3 years ago from Philippines

      Have a Blessed Christmas to you and your entire family!