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Christmas from my window

Updated on December 6, 2012

Christmas has come to visit, my little window today

Twinkling lights on houses just across the way

Trees await the coming, arms stretched against the night

ready for Christmas dress, gowns of glistening white

Wreaths and ribbon on display, the season is in the air

Christmas worn in fences from garland that they wear

little chimneys all in line, mark houses across the way

evidence that Christmas stirs, in smoke that slips away

Christmas is in the air, it looks through my window at me

The measure of our handicraft is fixed to all I see

Each home is in its Christmas best, up and down my street

and I, a special window, where magic and Christmas meet

but day awaits the coming, a needed snow to view

a glitter, shine and sparkle, some snow to dress the view

What I praised into night, pales by morning light

The measure of our handicraft is lost in Christmas white

My window reflects the splendor, welcomes the gift of night

bedazzled by the beauty of a world in snowy white

I stare upon the ornaments of houses in grand display

They sit in adoration, God decorates the day.


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