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Chronicle of Dreams #1: The Last Flight

Updated on May 16, 2020
Chardie Cat profile image

Chardie Cat is an author who loves to write flash fiction as short as a hundred words. Recently, he launched his blog on 100-word stories.

Please Read with Caution

The chronicle you are about to read is a recollection of the events that transpired during my wanderings into the land of dreams. Somehow, I managed to capture pieces of the phenomenon upon my return to the real world.


The long, sluggish and draining line up for passport-related transactions and the droning airport brouhaha shattered my solid fortitude and patience. I had been standing and waiting for my turn for a few hours already, and for me, it was like forever until the guy ahead of me had his shot.

I made a careful observation on the process and when the officer stamped the other guy’s passport I knew there was something wrong. When the officer extended the passport back to the guy, I noticed that it was tampered. When it’s my turn, the same thing happened. The officer didn’t stamp the passport but scraped the page with a blade. When he returned it to me, he gave out a wicked grin. I didn’t complain though.

Following the other guy to the check-in counter, we were caught in an interrogation by two officers about our passports. We had an outrageous, blood-rushing argument for about thirty minutes until they offered to verify what happened. A few minutes later, another officer came with our passports, and gave us the good news.


Then, I was ready to go. But my head was spinning and on a heavy traffic while trying to process my decision. Before I arrived at the gate for boarding, I traced another way—to a waiting area where a little boy was sitting on a bench and waiting for me, alone. When he saw me, he smiled and ran to me, then tears were rolling on his cheeks accompanied by his heart-crushing sobs, while asking me why I left him. I hugged him tight and told him that I’m sorry and I will never leave him again. I showered him with kisses before I put him down, held his hand tight, and headed out of the airport.


Once we were outside the airport, we stopped to watch the plane. The boy told me that the plane was big and that he wanted to ride on it with me someday. Not later, the plane took off. That was the last flight to my dreamed paradise. He held my hand with his tiny one and looked at me with happiness on his face. I took my bag and carried it on one arm and the boy on the other. Then, he was playing with my hair while we were walking on an empty road to nowhere.


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