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The Chronicles Of A Misfit: Daily Living in My World

Updated on September 16, 2019
Missy Smith profile image

Missy is a unique writer who enjoys inviting her readers into her thoughts through her poetry and other topics of discussion.  

What...I'm a Misfit?

When I write poetry, it is more than likely going to have one of three themes: bad luck at love relations, hardships of daily life, or being a misfit in today's world.

There are times when I write poetry, and I am in the daily grind of one of these subject matters. Sometimes, I just write from past experience. It depends, but today, I thought I would give readers a glimpse of what it feels like to be an outcast - a misfit if you will - in today's society. When you are in your middle-ages like myself, it becomes a necessity to vent out life's past and present to your own situation. For me, it helps to stay sane in my misfit world.

So, like I have recently started saying a lot - Onward, Upward, Just Keeping it REAL! I hope you enjoy my poems.


The Misfit Chronicles (Introduction)

You come into this world

without a clue on how to

go forward and be you…

You learn these things

along the way with many

behind the back whispers

and things…

Well, at least that’s my

experience; I've had to

endure. I’ve had to learn

to overcome the immature.

Why are we judged by others

so much? Not a care in the

world for another human


Individualism is what is

preached, but to actually

be different is frowned upon

like you’re a freak…

And then you start to live

your life more fake than free

getting lost in the land of

make believe…


Who is your favorite Misfit?

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The Misfit Chronicles Part 1

I was a knobby kneed

little girl, that stayed in

a shell of my own

fantasy world.

You see; I had already

figured out to be myself

in this world would raise

red flags.

Adolescent life came upon,

and It was as if I was made

to feel like I hadn’t been born.

My boobs weren’t growing

as big as the other girls, and

I couldn’t make flirty small

talk to save this world…

teenage years; I somehow

found, the courage to rally

through and stand my ground.

Adult life then came my way,

and I found myself in this

crazy place of trying to

become part of a relative


However, he was just like

the rest of the crowd. When

my stretch marks appeared

after the birth of our child,

that bastard turned tail

and kicked me out...

Even so, I carried on to find

my soul of value and virtue.

Never again was I going to

be screwed.


The Misfit Chronicles Part 2

I’ve made it through this judging

world as an optimistic mother


I’ve raised my children on

my own, and it has been a trial

of errors, just to let you know...

but they have become my prides

and joys against this world of unfair

terrors who unfurl.

So remember this all you beautiful

misfits, Stay true to yourself,

and don’t ever get lost in other

peoples negative shit…

© 2015 Missy Smith


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