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Chronicles of Aiden: An Entity - Entry #2

Updated on October 27, 2013

"Aiden, stop! I'm trying to sleep," I hissed. My digital clock read 2:43 A.M. My dark room was illuminated with the white glow from the full moon shining through my window. Aiden had knocked over a glass from the desk by my door, waking me from my sleep. I had just spent three hours on homework, and I was hoping to get some sleep before my final training exercise tomorrow.

I laid back down and pulled the blanket over my head. Suddenly, my pillow went flying off my bed. That was it.

"Aiden! I'm done with your shi-"

"Get in the car!" Screaming from outside my window stopped me mid-sentence. I felt Aiden, glad I had finally realized why he was keeping me up. I threw my blankets off of me and walked over to the window.

Across the street, a big burly man with a bald head and a green jacket was pushing a woman into a car. She clearly did not want to get in.

"I don't want to, Harold! I'm not going back!" The lady screamed. She had long black hair and was dressed completely in black, except for her red high heels.

"Listen, you dumb bitch. I did not pay to have you sitting around my god damn house! Get in the fucking car, now!" Harold pushed her again and the woman hit the orange convertible the man was trying to get her in.

"Look what you did!" Harold shouted, raising his arms. "You fucked up my paint!" He swung at the woman and hit her in the face. Even from up in my second floor room, I heard how loud it sounded. The woman grabbed her cheek and fell to the ground, crying. The man stared at her, then starting beating her.

I quickly put on a pair of black jeans and a dark sweater, pulling my hood up. Slipping on my shoes, I quietly made my way downstairs and through the living room. Opening my front door, a cold wind struck me.

I walked down to the sidewalk and saw the convertible. Sure enough, the man and the woman were still there. He was no longer hitting her, but he was grabbing her by the arm and shaking her. I crossed the empty street, and made my way to them, my arms in the pockets of my sweater.

"I'll tell you one more time. We're going back," I heard Harold say. "No!" The woman said, sobbing. Harold raised his fist.

"Don't hit her again," I said. Harold stopped and turned to look at me, his eyes filled with anger. I felt confident with Aiden by my side.

"What?" He said, lowering his arm. "I said, don't hit her again." Harold let go off the woman and walked over to me. He wiped his mouth. "Listen, kid. This ain't your problem."

I stared at him. I wouldn't do anything to him unless he did something first. It was a sort of rule I liked to follow, but sometimes, Aiden liked breaking the rules.

Harold started to walk back to the car, when he was pushed. He fell forward and slid across the sidewalk. Aiden! I thought.

Harold got up, and brushed off his jacket. He turned to me. "You fucked up," he said.
He swung at me, but I ducked and punched him in the stomach. He was bigger than I was, and I didn't seem to do much.

He swung again. This time his fist connected with my cheek. The blow made me see stars, and as soon as they faded away another punch was there, right on my nose.

I fell backward, and I tried to get up as fast as possible. Being on the ground was not a good idea. Harold grabbed me by my sweater and pulled me up; his face inches from mine.

"Next time, mind your own fucking business." He was about to let me go when I kneed him in the groin. "Ow!" He let me fall. As he bent over, grabbing his middle, my fist landed right in his face, breaking his nose. I punched him again, this time on the side of his head.

He stumbled, bleeding from his mouth and nose, but he didn't fall. Suddenly, he flew backwards, smashing into the convertible. His head left a dent in the sleek, orange frame. Nice, Aiden.

The woman was still standing by the car. I pulled my hood back up. "You should probably go," I told her. She nodded, and started to run in the opposite direction. I leaned over Harold, barely conscious.

I grabbed him by his jacket and pulled him close. His head was wobbly, and his eyes were just able to open. "If I see you do anything like that again, it'll go a lot worse," I told him. He moaned in response. I pushed him, and his head hit the car again, knocking him out.

I looked around, but nobody had noticed what had just occurred. I walked back to my house and made my way to my room. Taking off my clothes, I felt Aiden's energy subsiding.

"God dammit, Aiden. The situations you put me in," I said, shaking my head. My blanket floated from the floor onto my bed, and my pillow landed softly right where I liked it. I smiled. "Thanks."

I got in bed and put my arms under my head. Staring at the ceiling, I felt like a hero. I turned over and closed my eyes. I couldn't wait for tomorrow. I would finally be able to complete my training, and considering I was 18, my life would only be beginning.

I fell asleep just as Aiden knocked over another glass downstairs.


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    • profile image 4 years ago from Europe

      What I find most interesting about the human species, is their total frustration in never being able to live up to the spectacular within them. We all know deep down that we are a continuation of a genetic miracle, too complex to have evolved from mud, given our planets relatively short existence. We have even created, and indeed manifested, a deity, to help us come to terms with the spectacular within us. But as we slowly open our pandoras box, of who we are and where we originated, we face a truth than cannot set us free, but can only hold us prisoner. Until we do what we were created to do in the grand design. Continue to be spectacular for the common good and spread our seed throughout this eternal thing called simply 'space', as our God before us did.

      We are all supernatural. Supernaturally existing in an eternal space with no beginning or end to explain. All we can do is ponder in awe and wonderment. Enjoy! Because? "I am".

    • MarieAlana1 profile image

      Marie Alana 4 years ago from Ohio

      Wow! This is serious. Is this a true story? Are you making a chapter book out of this?