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Cigarettes are a gate way drug?

Updated on September 14, 2016

Cigarettes are a gate way drug?

Cigarettes are the gate way drug.

Why do you smoke?

Do you remember the first day you picked up a cigarette?Was is peer pressure?Do you still enjoy smoking?Would you like to stop smoking, but you can't seem to kick the habit?Is smoking no longer a pleasure?

Smoking is a trap.

Once you are addicted to nicotine it is a long battle to quit.Less then 10 percent of passive smokers manage to kick the habit.

Besides the health risks associated with smoking heart disease, lung disease.Smoking is an expensive habit.Yet once you have nicotine in your system, you just can not seem to shake it.

Listen and picture the madness of smoking.

You wake up in the morning you need a smoke.After you take a crap you need a smoke.After breakfast, lunch, dinner you need a smoke.After sex you need to smoke.When drinking alcohol we smoke even more.To relax you need a smoke.To detox from a stressful day you need a smoke.

Heavy smokers can smoke a pack a day(20) cigarettes.

Is smoking worth it?How is one to quit?Keep trying, reduce, go cold turkey, eventually hopefully one day sanity will prevail.

We pick up certain habits innocently not knowing letting go of them will cost us dearly.

W.A.R.N.I.N.G do not even think of picking up a cigarette.

God's Poet Nkosi

Young Black Dillinger

Lucifers Angel

Uncle Nathi


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