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Clap Hands - Tali Bajav.

Updated on February 18, 2013
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I am a Textile Technocrat having done my Diploma in Textile in Textile Technology a 3 and 1/2 year course in Govt SKSJTI Bangalore.

Applause in India.


Who needs Hand Clapping.

In India it is very essential to clap your hand at any function or celebration and hands clapping is perhaps universally and with out any debate accepted by all nations including our China the friendly neighbor-er.Politicians and all speakers need hand clapping which gives more sound.In India we do not consider Hand Clapping as a necessity among the upper class as their personal dignity not to clap. If a VIP is sitting in the function he may not clap. The taste.of clap is the sound In every function that we have to start will be with a invocation and at the end of the invocation which is a song invoking the god to bless the function, everyone has to clap no sooner the person who does invocation completes his song he also needs very big hand clapping and even few whistles by the audience which sound is music to the person who did invocation.Then it is the introduction to the gathering which is done by the person appointed for the function.At the end of his introduction he needs clapping and even some times when he says some very important message he needs and gets Hands Clapped though not by all but he will get it indeed. Then another Hand Clapping for the Chief Guest to occupy the big chair and as soon as he sits he needs hand clapping.Again it has to be followed by every speaker who speaks on the topic of the function.Finally at the concluding stage a thanks giving speech is made this also needs clapping.Clapping during singing devotional songs and group dancing clapping the hands are a way of enjoying the song and dance to get a devotional state of mind and relaxation to the brain and freedom from thoughts and worries.Clapping while walking with hands out stretched in front and back is one of the Yoga lessons that is taught here in India.People who listen to speeches if getting bored and want the speaker to end his speech start clapping so that the speaker is made aware that he is boring the audience.and will have to end his speech or change his topic. To call a person with out shouting people clap the hand so that the person who cannot see his back turns around and sees the person who is clapping.It is like a horn from your car to people who go in front of your car.

People also clap during Yoga for a given number of times as they say that all nerves turn around the fingers and the nerves must be free at this place and clapping makes the nerve function as smooth as possible and clapping makes it possible.The same being the case at the feet Yoga teaches how to clap the feet by raising and lowering your body on your toes and heal.There are other exercises also for the feet in Yoga.SUJOG THERAPY diagnosis which was done to me was done through palms of my hand by a Doctor who had done his PhD in SUJOG THERAPY.

Group Singing with Devotional Songs is the best way to get rid of stresses and tensions at least once in 7 days.The Ashram at No.21,The Art of Living International Center,Kanakapura Road,Bangalore - 560 082 arranges each day at their open air theater on fixed timings you can go and Clap off your stresses and tensions weekly.

Clapping for Devotional Song by Group.

The sound of one Hand Clapping.


One Hand Clap is a Slap See it's effect in slow motion.


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