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Classification Essay a special type of Formal Writing

Updated on May 6, 2015

Have you ever thought about how many people you meet in a lifetime? One can have different kinds of friends: optimistic, pessimistic, naughty, witty, bold, frank etc. Everyone lives their life according to their views so you can categorize them as what group do your friends fall under? What kind of friend are you?

Classification is a process of emerging an essay by placing people, arranging objects, or ideas with collective features or appearances into particular classes or clusters. It’s important to reflect according to what possessions and properties the things are going to be classified. Think of classification as a way of categorizing. In order to categorize sort or classify, things in a logical way, find the categories to put them into. The writer usually begins with a group of people or possessions and then separates them into subcategories, smaller groups or types.

Classification Essay
Classification Essay

What is a Classification Essay?

Classification essays are a type of essay where the writer organizes, or categorizes, things into groups, cliques or sets and exploring the differences among them.

  1. Define by function
  2. Define by structure
  3. Define by analysis
  4. Define by what the term does not mean

The beginning of a classification essay is fairly up-front. The thesis statement, mentions that there are figures, types of anything according to their possessions. In the growing paragraphs, each type is defined as stated in thesis. Comparisons and/or variances of the types need to be showed. Examples play a vital part, enabling readers to comprehend better. The collective transitions used during classifying are:

  • the first type/ kind / group
  • the second type/ kind / group
  • the third type /kind / group


Habits: food habits, running, morning schedules, jogging, letter writing, watching television , horse riding, dish-washing, house dusting, painting, playing football, taking a shower, eating fruits etc.

Places: hiking trails, college campuses, vacation spots, airports, gardens, parks, café, free-ways, vegetable plots, game arcades, restaurants, churches, camp-grounds, beach, back yards etc.

Steps to Effective Classification Essay Writing

There are several steps to writing an effective division or classification essay.

  • Sort things into useful classes and establish a subject
  • Present a clear thesis
  • Ensure all the classes follow a distinct unifying norm, follow an organizational pattern
  • Give instances that suits each class, use transitions
  • Draw a conclusion

To Write an Effective Classification Essay

  • Determine the categories
  • Classify by a single principle
  • Support equally each category with examples

In a classification essay, the writer classifies, or sorts, possessions into categories. There are three steps to remember when writing an effective classification essay: establish things into useful groups, use a single organizing principle, and give examples of things that fit into each group.


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