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Close to Collision

Updated on August 13, 2016




Tyquisha, 29, enters an apartment exercise room wearing workout gear. Her hair is tied in a ponytail and she has on a smartwatch. A news clip shows a picture of a particle collider. Tyquisha sees LaRhonda, 26, doing crunches in the corner. They are the only people who occupy the space.


You know, that Large Hadron Collider could spell trouble for particles.


What do you want, ‘Quisha?

(She sets down a weight in favor of one that would suit her muscles)


Well, girl, I wasn’t actually going to talk to you about the LHC. I really wanted to see if you would invest in a science project of mi-

(LaRhonda shoots a hand into the air)


Wait. Let me stop you right there. How am I supposed to “invest” in this project when you didn’t even pay me back the last time that you had a project?



(She glances down at her running shoes)

I just figured that since you got that promotion that you would have some cash on hand.


Not for you. Please miss me with the whole sob story about what you expected from me.


You know, I could tell Marquise about the scientific research that you faked.

(She looks at Tyquisha with disdain)


I had nothing to do with that forgery. My figures were correct. You can try to blackmail me all you want. I’m not giving you a red cent.


(Hurt, and on the verge of tears)

Why do you have to be so selfish?


Who is threatening to blackmail me? Who feels that it is her right to live as a parasite feeding off of the goods that she never could produce?


(Stunned and vulnerable)

Well, I thought that we were friends…

Exercise the Mind




‘Quish, we stopped being friends when you vowed to have my money and when you finally had a chance to pay me back, you spent it on buying supplies for your physics professor.


Yes! That was a good cause.


No, that was my money!

Tyquisha paces the room. She looks down at the exercise equipment. She eyes a twenty five pound weight. Too heavy. She looks at a fifteen pound weight. She lifts it and slides it behind her back. LaRhonda continues talking the entire time.


You owe me money and then you turn around and ask me for more!

(She looks incredulously at Tyquisha) How dare you attempt to insult me and take dollars from my pocketbook? You are not my friend. You are a moocher and should reconsider how you treat people. You are no trader...but a traitor.

Tyquisha shrieks and raises the weight over her head. With speed, LaRhonda shifts her body to the side, blocks the attack by pushing Tyquisha’s body against the wall and transitions into a martial arts pose. By employing a jump


rope lying near the leg press, LaRhonda ties up Tyquisha and used her smartphone to call the police.


I’m sorry.

(she gulps,tears streaming her face)


This is all just a big misunderstanding. I wasn’t going to hurt you, La’! I swear! I just wanted to get your attention.

Think Fit




Well, Tyquisha you’re going to have the full attention of the authorities soon.

(Sulking and crying hysterically, Taquisha turns her head away from LaRhonda)


Your tears will never remove the stains of your transgressions. After the cops come, I will be able to rid myself of your attempt to assault me. You knew that you couldn’t get money so you try to attack me? You are the most selfless, self-destructive little miscreant I’ll never want to see again.

Tyquisha’s sobs become whimpers as she curls into the fetal position. She kicks against the wall, her sneakers smearing black marks on it.


I suggest that you quit. You’ll be dealt with momentarily.


What it Should Have been Like

Which One?


The Attempt


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    • Skyler Saunders profile image

      Skyler Saunders 17 months ago from Newark, DE


      Thanks, again!

      P.S. Would you please evaluate some of my other works such as the "Life and Production" series? I would appreciate the feedback!

    • profile image

      Da'Q 17 months ago

      googling information about institutions that award research grants and venture capitalists would give you enough info to create a plausible setting for a play about two scientists arguing over money used to fund a project.

    • Skyler Saunders profile image

      Skyler Saunders 17 months ago from Newark, DE


      Thank you for your candid and direct response to my Hub. I must ask, are those foundations that you mentioned backed by the government? In a fully free society, could funds be supplied through personal accounts? I would appreciate a sobering counter argument just like your original post. Thanks!

    • profile image

      Da'Quamanaynay 17 months ago

      the writing betrays a lack of understanding of how scientific research is carried out. people don't fund it from their own personal money or borrow it from friends, they get research grants in hundreds of thousands of dollars from foundations. that conversation in the exercise room would never happen in real life. jerry springer nonsense.