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Closing the Door to Nowhere - Answer to a Writer's Challenge

Updated on June 29, 2020

Photo provided by Billybuc as a prompt in answering his challenge


Was it really only Yesterday?

Bill Holland (a.k.a. billybuc,) challenged his fellow writers to write a short story or a free-flow verse, write whatever we feel like writing, but we have to use the picture Bill provided, and we must begin with the sentence he provided.

The sentence: "Was it really only yesterday?"

This is my flash-fiction answer to “The Door to Nowhere”

Closing the Door to Nowhere

Was it really only yesterday? Or did the tragedy of that day make it seem that way?

Lucy had not returned home from going to the store for her mother. The store owner knew Lucy and her parents Clyde and Rosa and told the police that she talked to Lucy and sold her the items on the list, and that Lucy seemed scared and kept looking toward the door as if expecting someone to come in behind her. The store owner knew she should have looked out for Lucy and watched her walk the short distance to her home, but she was distracted and didn’t but, could not remember who or what the distraction was.

Just a year before she disappeared, at age thirteen Lucy had been raped and nine months later gave birth to a beautiful baby girl she named Sarah, it had never occurred to her to have an abortion.

After Lucy disappeared, Clyde and Rosa assumed the parental role of Sarah.

Was it really only yesterday?

Rosa had urged him to go and register to vote. Clyde replied, politicians are all the same, and my vote does not count anyway. It sure won’t if you don’t vote Rosa replied, besides we can’t afford a private school for Sarah, if that candidate from Louisiana becomes president, he wants to close all public schools, I haven’t heard how his closing the public schools in his state turned out when he became Governor of Louisiana.

It had been five years since Lucy disappeared and her daughter 5 year old Sarah’s eyes lit up like sparklers on the 4th of July, as she took in the conversation between her grandparents and the questions overflowed like a shook-up bottle of soda pop.

No school? Sarah piped in

No school? I don’t have to go to school? Vote for that one grandpa, I hate school; I want to stay here with you and grandma. Can I stay here with you and grandma? Please, please, please, can I stay?

Rosa answered her granddaughter’s questions. Child you have been living with me and your grandpa from the day you were born, and you have not started yet so how would you know you hate school?

Sarah: Eddie says the big kids pick on him and they will pick on me. (Eddie is the little six year old next door neighbor and has just started school. But, he would rather be playing outside in a mud puddle then going to school.)

Rosa: Eddie would rather play outside then learn anything, but he will be sorry one day. As she went on to explain the importance of a good education.

Clyde leaned back in the recliner, closing his eyes and listening to the conversation going on between his wife and his granddaughter and the sound of the rickety chair being dragged across the floor, and he wondered how they came to be in this building. This was one of the newer buildings and would be the last ones hit by the wrecking ball.

Was it really only yesterday the door to nowhere closed?

© by Shyron Shenko

Dragging the rickety chair across the floor

To peak out the tiny window in the door

Standing on her tippy toes

Questioned where this door goes?

Child, get down from that rickety chair

That’s the door that goes nowhere

Why is it there?

If it goes nowhere

Once it led to safety

In case of fire, we could reach the ground

But since the last election

The ground cannot be found

They gave our country to a pipeline

Now the toxic tar sand oil is leaking all around

Because the ones who won the last election

Has let our country down

Child I am telling you

If you fall, what will we do if you break a bone or two?

Your grandpa lost his job

And we have no insurance to take care of you

Oh my! What is that goo?

All over the chair, all over the floor, all over you

It broke and it is spilling out Sarah said

It is all around the house

They privatized our Social Security

Medicaid and Medicare too

They said we did not earn it

Though we still pay the dues

They privatized the USPS

That is when I really came unglued

It will cost me twenty dollars to Fed-ex

A payment for a bill or two

They privatized the IRS

They say that it’s been cheating me and you

And they want us to still pay our taxes

But, now we do not know to whom

They have ended food stamps and welfare

That fed the homeless adults and children alike,

Now its against the law to clothe, house or feed

The poor, the weak, the sick, or anyone in need

Rosa is telling Sarah how

The new crop of politicians

Want to change the rules

And why they want to close the public schools

Rosa arose to answer a knocking at the door

And a man began to shout

The wrecking ball is ready

You have just ten minutes more, and then you must get out

You want to throw us out

Into that toxic dirty tar sand oil

The man replied did you not know what you were voting for?

They did what they said they would do

Closing all your social programs

Everything that benefitted you

The rickety chair tilted Sending Sarah tumbling to the floor

Clyde jumped up from the recliner

And right away he knew, it was one horrid dream

And he headed for the door

Where are you going? Rosa asked, what do you intend to do?

Clyde replied, I am going to register to vote

Like you have asked me to!!!


The Golden Rule of the GOP....

He who has the Gold makes the Rules.............

— Unknown

© 2015 Shyron E Shenko


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