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Dearest is away -poetry

Updated on May 18, 2012

Rains are here but!

During the paddy sowing season Indian women labor normally sow each plant by hand and it is an ancient tradition that they sing some beautiful song. perhaps to brighten them up in this back breaking work. One of the songs which I could remember is translated into English. It takes me to down the memory lane!

“Clouds building up in sky

soothing hearts of all

Light drizzle from top,

today is the day dearie is to come

after a time, pretty long

“Its raining heavily,

thunder and lightening

getting frightened for my dearie

clouds building up in sky

darkness swooping down

“I’m trembling with fear, anxiety

heartless darling yet to arrive,

now there is no hope left,

clouds building up in sky.”

“Dearie staying far off

no letter or message till now

today cooing of cuckoo unromantic

she also missing her mate,

yet to arrive from his sojourn

at a far away orchard of mango

“Even rose ringed parakeet

out of tune,

no idea why she also in misery

Papiha crying, Piu-Piu,

eternally sad.”

“Frogs celebrating rain,

peacock dancing,

feel like driving them away

to a far off place.

There my chum swaying up

Then down

swinging on tree of Bunyan,

her darling by the side;

torturous cravings and desires,

that’s my fate and destiny,

clouds building up in sky,

light drizzle from top.”


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