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Clouds Rolling In

Updated on December 20, 2011

I woke up in the morning and looked up at the sky

Looked back in the past and realized it was all a lie

Can't take this anymore but it's hard to say goodbye

Starting anew, somewhere different trying to connect

Going from here to there, not knowing what to expect

Hopeless when you’re lost in the wilderness of the mind

Thoughts upside down, confusion like no other kind

Got to be prepared, because you never stop once you begin

Look up at the sky and you'll see the clouds rolling in...

Avoiding it will only make it more intense

Trying to overcome it just makes no sense

Letting it happen is the logical choice

Don't speak because if you do you'll lose your voice

It's all so overwhelming, often underestimated

Seemingly immobilizing leaving your mind incarcerated

So you always have to be cautious always alert

You know that you have to or you risk being hurt

Remember that regardless we're all gonna die one day

Sometime in the future the sky above your head will turn gray

The life that began sunny will eventually come to an end

Then you'll look up at the sky and see the clouds rolling in


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    • iva dragostinova profile image

      iva dragostinova 5 years ago from Brighton, UK

      Excellent use of language. Emotive and something I feel we can all recognise and relate to. Beautiful, awesome and interesting :)