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Cold Secrets - The Challenge

Updated on September 30, 2011
Book cover for Cold Secrets - The Challenge
Book cover for Cold Secrets - The Challenge

Hello, everyone - It's been some time since I've published a new hub, I've been busy writing, investigating, and researching. I released my first book, You Know They're Here, a true story of the infamous haunted house located in Hinsdale, New York. I would like to share with you my new novel, Cold Secrets - The Challenge, book one in a series. It was a long time coming as I became a procrastinator after the release of my first book and getting mixed reviews. I wrote my first book in record time. Originally it was over one thousand pages, and an abundance of information not pertaining directly to the storyline - almost an autobiography. I hadn't planned to publish You Know They're Here, it was to be a personal achievement, and a story I was compiling for myself; about my life and everything that was happening in the 70s.

I sent a text copy of my book to Clara Miller who authored Echoes of a Haunting Revisited, which is her story of her family's ordeal living with the day to day paranormal activity in this house. She suggested I send it to her publisher. I edited the book several more times and whittled it down to 534 pages, but I overlooked an awful lot of mistakes. The story was based on fact, yet I used the word novel in many instances when talking about the book as well as adding the word to the description on the back cover! There were a few grammatical as well as punctuational mistakes as well. I was stunned as well as embarrassed by some of the comments made on the book.

Although the word 'novel' is understood by most, I used in in conjunction with any book - duh to me, eh? Hopefully, I've redeemed myself with my new writings. I'll wait for the reviews and see how I'm doing.

Synopsis for Cold Secrets - The Challenge

Victor Panada, undercover operative for the San Diego police department, his cover jeopardized, retires and moves to Sloan, Kentucky. A career that spanned over twenty years, Vic was instrumental in the arrest and conviction of more than sixty corrupt law enforcement officers.
It was suggested that he enter the witness protection program, but he refused to become a memory to his friends and family. He would make the best of it, and begin a new life in this small town nestled in the hills of Kentucky.

In short time, Vic learns that the local constable, a shady, bullying man, with known criminals as friends, may have been responsible for more than one person gone missing, including the son of a man who contacts Vic for help. Vic comes to the realization that his career isn't over; there was one more badge that needed to be revoked.

There was something less tangible which concerned Vic; the rumors of his aunt's house being haunted were becoming more apparent with each passing day, or perhaps this was a ruse of the constable to get Vic to leave town.

While methodically gathering information from those who were willing to talk, Vic meets Angela and a whirlwind romance begins.

COLD SECRETS, a story of law enforcement, love, and the paranormal.

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You Know They're Here
You Know They're Here

"You Know They're Here" is a true story of actual events of a haunted house experienced by this author in the mid-seventies. A family with four children was eventually driven from their home after an unsuccessful exorcism was performed to cleanse their house of unwanted spirits. Kenyon befriended the Dandy family and initially became an evening 'guard' helping to keep the curious from trespassing on their property. The events he experienced for more than a year heightened his sense of the paranormal to frightening levels. For a time, Paul, being the aggressor toward the energies of the house, held the interest of one of the more malevolent entities. "You Know They're Here" will have you sleeping with the lights on and have you second guessing your beliefs of the spirit world.



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